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Automation of Sales Call Planning and Reporting with Salesforce.com [CASE STUDY]

02 Apr 2015

A US based leading supplier of eye health products, such as contact lenses and lens care products through its global business divisions in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia


The client wanted to develop an automated solution helping them gain better visibility among frequencies and duration of customer visits made by its team. The customized solution should provide automated approach to allocate accounts to sales reps and also keep check of their calls and visits.


  • Automate allocation of customers to sales representatives
  • Reduce productivity error between sales and accounts team
  • Deliver easy and intuitive reports to facilitate decision making
  • Implement approval workflows


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Rishabh Software’s team designed a customized solution for managing the customer visits by customizing Salesforce.com. The solution simplified the process of assigning accounts to sales reps resulting in easy segregation of accounts. This customization provided the ability to plan calls and its frequencies. It also helped in generating various reports for analysis and better decision-making.


Automated Sales Call Management Solution

Business Benefits

  • Improved sales performance and forecasting by segregating accounts
  • Higher profitability by eliminating duplication in customer visits
  • Enhanced decision making process through KPI & Forecast reports
  • Driving customer conversation with collaboration between sales team and managers

Industry Segment


Technology and Tools


Rishabh Software provide customized salesforce.com development and integration solution for various industries.

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