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SharePoint Helpdesk System To Synchronize Business Processes [CASE STUDY]

22 Nov 2013

SharePoint helpdesk Solution developed by Rishabh is a financial management system. It synchronize business processes in multiple department of financial services industry and possibly automate conventional manual processes.


The client is a financial services company based in Massachusetts, USA offering end-to-end investments and portfolio management solutions. It focuses on providing investment solutions through various financial instruments and has a reputation of serving clients across US, Europe and Asia Pacific since past 14 years.

The Business Need for SharePoint Helpdesk System

The organization had a range of clientele spread across various domains and countries. All processes pertaining to external entities were properly documented and automated wherever possible which helped them build substantial reputation in the market.


The organization had multiple departments with number of functions being performed by HR, Administration and IT infrastructure departments. The client wanted to synchronize the functioning of these departments, extending the benefits derived from its process driven methodology in dealing with its clients.


The organization’s internal processes were manual and the need was to address the following concerns:


  • Process of informing the support department for any troubleshooting issues was only through email which was considered highly manual.
  • The response of support department acknowledging the issue request and providing a resolution schedule was also through email which was highly time consuming.
  • The issue resolution process involved a chain of email communication till the issue was resolved.
  • The process would become more complex if request needed approval of Manager and/or Head of Department.
  • Average issue resolution time was around 6 hours.
  • There was no tracking of trouble tickets and performance measurement.

Rishabh’s SharePoint Helpdesk Solution:

Rishabh’s technical team identified a few alternatives on the technology that could be adopted but ultimately zeroed down to WSS 3.0 (Windows SharePoint Server) due to benefits such as rapid development and cost effectiveness. Other benefits included faster communication leading to improved efficiency and productivity and better representation of information for analysis.The solution was a ‘SharePoint HelpDesk System’, an intranet portal addressing the above mentioned concerns.


SharePoint ticket management system comprised of the following:


  • Online intranet application with single sign-on.
  • A common interface for all users to submit issue tickets
  • Integrated workflow system for approvals, delegations, notifications, email alerts and escalations of requests.
  • Trouble ticket allocation to user/user groups.
  • Tracking of tickets till closure.
  • Performance measurement.

Client Benefits

  • Reduction of turnaround time by about 300%
  • Reduction in manpower cost by around 200%
  • Online tracking that allows delegation of tickets
  • Performance measurement
  • Easy implementation of changes to process workflow


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