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Supply Chain Management Software Solution [CASE STUDY]

29 Nov 2010

Based out of California, USA, the client provides the nation’s only reusable rack rental, recovery, and closed loop logistics for efficient bulk shipping and display of live goods from nurseries to retailers. The company was looking to branch into non-nursery recoverable displays too in the nation’s leading home improvement centers.

The Business Need for a Supply Chain Management Software

Client was generating its own mountain of paperwork trying to keep on top of the large quantity of shipments coming into the warehouse and the orders going out. In addition, they were facing difficulties in tracking the supplies of their racks to various customers. They needed a solution to help them manage the entire supply chain more efficiently.

Faced with the growing demand for its racks, client required an enterprise wide application that allowed flexibility for growth while reducing operational complexity and maintaining the company’s track record of fulfilling excellence.

The Supply Chain Management Software Solution

Rishabh Software provided everything most users would ever need – A Supply Chain Management Software to manage their supply chains activities, including: Forecast Management, Replenishment Planning, Purchasing, Supplier Negotiation, Supplier Shipment, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Sales Order Entry, Sales Order Fulfillment, Logistics Management, and Multiple Levels of Integration & Reporting.

The supply chain management software solution helped client in turning data into knowledge, enabling them to develop unique demand, supply, operational and customer insights. As a result, client was able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their supply chain, thus maximizing their profits at optimal levels of customer satisfaction.

Once shipping plans were created, the tracking solution ensured that shipments were automatically tendered, shipped and tracked to point of delivery.

Client Benefits

  • Increased perfect orders
  • Inventory accuracy up to 99.8%
  • Picking and shipping accuracy up to 99.99%
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased profitability


  • ASP.Net 1.1
  • SQL Server 2000


“The Rishabh team developed a complex supply chain management system for me in an amazingly short time period. I was impressed with their dedication to getting my project done so quickly. Project management and communication were excellent”

Thomas Phelps – Senior Consultant

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