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Cross Browser Testing Using Selenium Webdriver For Retail Industry [CASE STUDY]

03 Sep 2019

QA software testing services ensure that the eCommerce business stays competitive across platforms. In a typical scenario, any mistake regardless of how simple it may seem, for example – slow loading of the page, and more may cost businesses their customers, which may result in losses, eventually. Therefore, companies must reassess their quality assurance practices, on if it was helping them to detect and rectify defects that may result in a loss, and meet the modern customer demands.


Read on to learn how Rishabh Software helped a UK-based digital enterprise to streamline their multiple e-commerce platforms that manage over 1 million products and various vendors.


Project Overview

Our customer was seeking continuous delivery of updates & enhancements for their forthcoming and existing products. Towards this, they were seeking a reliable QA & testing service partner to manage the multiple versions of their proprietary e-commerce platform.


  • Manage and streamline multiple versions of the product
  • Continuous delivery of real-time product updates
  • Make it easy for the vendors to identify and enhance their products
  • Identify web & mobile application avenues for automation testing using Selenium and Appium

Our Solution

We adopted a phased implementation approach. Our team initially identified and fixed the product version control. It was followed by testing bugs by performing:

  • Automation testing using Selenium WebDriver
  • Appium automation testing


Further, we implemented build verification processes to focus on the overall efforts required for functionality based testing, along with test automation. Besides, we used Jenkins automation server to deliver a continuous analysis of product defects and even manage customer requirements.

Business Benefits

  • Achieved faster & reliable product delivery while reducing operational costs
  • Increased efficiency across the business through automation testing with Appium and Selenium
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Maximized resource utilization for better product quality


To conclude, Rishabh Software’s continuous testing practice is a front runner in helping enterprises deliver streamlined e-commerce solutions. Through our decade long engagement, we have supported the customer to manage their proprietary e-commerce platform most efficiently.

Customer Profile

UK-based digital enterprise, with 20+ years of experience in offering e-commerce products & solutions

Software & Tools

  • Appium Automated Testing Tool
  • Selenium Automation Testing Tool
  • Jira Software
  • BrowserShots Cross Browser Testing Tool
  • Java
  • Python

Looking For Reliable QA Testing Services?

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