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Performance Testing With UFT & LoadRunner For Oil & Gas Industry [CASE STUDY]

06 Aug 2019

The global oil & gas industry over the past several years has witnessed more significant opportunities amidst challenges. It is across a prolonged run of high and growing rig counts, mega-capital-expenditure projects, and more. As part of this, harnessing new technologies can help boost efficiency for the sector in a multifold manner.


Discover how we helped a US-based enterprise with 20+ years of experience in the oil & gas industry to maximize resource utilization and deliver high-quality digital applications.


Rishabh Software helped the enterprise customer to lower application maintenance costs and improve the quality of automation.


Project Overview

The customer was seeking a reliable QA partner to manage their various applications as part of its digital transformation initiative. Continuous delivery and quality of apps & services were part of this digital transformation strategy.


  • Identify application areas for automation testing using UFT
  • Create a useful test environment for an efficient digital transformation
  • Manage a large volume of different types of test data
  • Streamline multiple product updates across teams
  • Manage the complicated lifecycle of various applications
  • Address non-functional requirements to avoid chaos incapacity planning
  • Create productive communication between the project manager, developers, and testers for timely delivery and quality service

Our Solution

As a pioneer in providing software testing and QA services, we adopted a holistic approach to define and enforce most relevant test automation strategies & methodologies.


We used the combination of Loadrunner and UFT automation testing tools for this project. This combination is a boon for organizations, who wish to create a robust test automation environment for mobile, web, hybrid, and enterprise apps. UFT helps automate user actions on an application and identify bugs on the same activities performed by different users. Whereas performance testing using Loadrunner helps check the functionality and response of the application during the test cycle. As a result, we were able to speed up the release cycles and get applications to market faster.


Rishabh Software delivered key accelerated software testing initiatives, which covered:

  • Implementation of the QA certification process along with quality gates
  • Alignment of the standard set of requirements with relevant output/deliverables
  • Unified signoff facility on all application releases
  • Installation of a centralized tool and set up of licensing to address requests
  • Optimization of performance testing using Loadrunner to monitor the app use
  • Regression-testing of applications with a thorough assessment of each test cycle
  • Execution of automated test scripts across browsers and mobile devices

Business Benefits

  • Controlled system to track & manage application needs
  • Accelerated software testing in a user-friendly setup
  • Improved & clear view of test coverage
  • Mobile performance testing using UFT without the need of entire test lab and license payment
  • A reduced testing time for an application from several person-days to few hours
  • Consistent user experiences across devices
  • Deliver better software & services, faster


To conclude, Rishabh Software developed an intelligent test automation framework for the enterprise customer. It helped ease the test script development and ensure smooth, automated regression tests before every application release. We helped them achieve agility without sacrificing the investments they’ve already made to manage their applications.

Customer Profile

US-based enterprise with 20+ years of experience in the oil and gas industry

Software & Tools

  • Micro Focus ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)
  • UFT (Unified Functional Testing)
  • LoadRunner

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