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VR-Based Language Learning App Development [Case Study]

04 Dec 2020

Technology is constantly changing the way we learn. With scope for advancements, apps are redefining the meaning of practical learning. Learn how we helped an NZ-based EdTech company create new growth openings to reach a wider audience.

Project Overview

Our client is an EdTech startup from New Zealand. They offer language learning solutions for students, travelers & business people. Their VR language learning app helps users to develop practical skills to thrive as global citizens. However, it had many performance issues that lead to lower engagement. The need was to improve the performance while providing an interactive learning experience to users.

Rishabh Software helped enhance app functionality with multi-language/multi-user support while resolving performance issues.


  • The current app crashes with background data processing
  • Tedious and time-consuming report creation
  • Inaccuracies with data generation in reports
  • Frequent delay with loading time on the student-side portal


Our team took a phase-wise approach to enhance the virtual reality language learning app. First, we created a backup of the existing app database. It ensured no loss of user info and company data at any stage.
We simplified the navigation and layout of the language-learning tool. It helped the client set apart the content into three levels: 1) Beginner, 2) Intermediate and 3) Advanced.

VR Based Language Learning Solution

As part of the project mandate, our team:

  • Performed database normalization
  • Added gamification features to improve VR-based learning experience
  • Solved performance issues in the student side and teacher-side portals
  • Included new, advanced elements as per the business need

Besides, we performed various functionality tests to ensure the smooth performance of the app.


  • Multi-language support & easy user load management
  • 100% automation of custom report creation
  • 50% increase in user engagement rate

Customer Profile

NZ-Based EdTech Company


  • PHP
  • Symfony
  • PostgreSQL
  • Apache

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