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Modernization of Animal Breeding Software [CASE STUDY]

22 Dec 2010

Based out of The Netherlands, the client offers an innovative animal registration program specifically designed for animal associations, clubs and societies. Through their website, various associations can manage their animal related information and generate related reports. The Client company offers excellent services, periodical updated software versions and reliable product support.

The goal of the Client was to provide a centralized platform to all the animal associations, clubs and societies via which they could register a wide range of data about animals, breeding pairs, (trial) pedigrees, health and shows.

Business Need

The Client wanted to transform his software application to a web based application on the requirements of its customers as there was a constant demand from customers for better accessibility from multiple locations. To increase his customer base, the client also wanted the ability to make any change on the existing application module functionality or have the ability to add new feature based on its customer requirement.


Rishabh Software provided consultation during the conceptualization phase in identifying the right kind of technology platform by proposing to craft the solution on a LAMP platform. A MVC architecture based framework was also proposed for better scalability, further enhancements and ease of maintenance.

The basic features provided by the web application development were:

  • Multiple user access from different locations
  • Access/rights based structure based on the user/member authorization
  • Protection of privacy-sensitive information
  • Generating various PDF/CSV based pedigree reports based on different selectable animal properties
  • Tracing the bloodlines/blood relations of animals unlimitedly
  • Calculating the animal breed percentage based on the breeds of their ancestors unlimitedly
  • Multilingual support for four different languages

Along with a pedigree record, a complete medical record could be maintained for each animal using this application. The client also needed a web service like application model where any registered member could request the web server for animal data information required just like a normal web service call. To fulfill this requirement, the team added one extra XML based request/response layer on top of the application where data could be requested.

Because of repeated use of the same database, the board, committees and other members of the association could easily share information while working from different locations.

Based on the reliable, timely delivery and up to the mark software development services provided by Rishabh Software, the client continued all modular approach assignments as well.

Client Benefits

  • Only online software application in the country which provides wide range of features
  • Widely analyzed, studied and accepted by very large number of animal clubs and associations
  • Easy sharing of information from different locations
  • Application supports the implementation of the code of ethics of the club and aids in maintaining the breed standard


  • Server Operating System: Redhat Enterprise Linux
  • Web Server: Apache 2.x
  • Server side Scripting: PHP 5.x
  • Database: MySQL 5.x
  • Framework: MVC, RESTful web services

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