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Web-Based Application Development: Shipment Analysis and Auditing System [CASE STUDY]

25 Mar 2011

Shipping and logistics play a very crucial role for a retail organization. Today, small and medium retailers have industry tie-ups with logistics vendors in order to drive down the cost of express shipping. Just in time delivery has become a standard today for any retail organization and to match this demand a web-based package tracking software is very essential.

Our shipment tracking and business analytics system helps to automate any package delivery service provider. This solution has helped one of the world’s largest publishers of general trade books in English by streamlining its cargo management, shipping, tracking and business analytics.

Business Need

The client was looking to develop a web-based Shipment Analysis and Auditing System that would provide reporting, remittance and refund information across multiple carriers.

Our Shipment Management & Analytics System

The online Shipment tracking and monitoring system developed by Rishabh provided the user with the ability to track the shipment and monitor its progress. It provided detailed and summarized shipment information as well as daily revenue totals sorted by Region, Zip or Inbound / Outbound shipment. It had the provision of recording data required for auditing and analysis. The extent of such record keeping was customized for each installation.

Along with recording invoiced cargo, the web-based module also identified duplicate or overlapping billing by connecting carriers and effectively eliminated the possibility of paying for a shipment more than once. If the bill of lading had been previously recorded through the Shipping Interface module, the invoice charge was compared to the rated amount and any discrepancy was reported.


  1. Shipment Monitoring
    • Tracking and tracing of all loaded and empty international shipments
    • Identification of shipment transit time exceptions
    • Identification of uncovered shipments and the corrective action being taken
    • Tracking re-routes, diversions and re-consignments
  2. Shipment Analysis
    • Generating shipment information and exception reports
    • Generating shipment management performance metrics
    • Follow up on action plans to address interim and chronic issues
  3. Shipment Routing Analysis
    • Analysis of carrier performance
    • Review of existing origin / destination lanes to determine the impact of carrier lane performance
    • Recommended route changes to improve fleet utilization and the loaded & empty shipment transit time performance
  4. Fleet Utilization & Analysis
    • Performance reporting and analysis
    • Detention and hold time reporting and analysis
    • Fleet utilization reporting and analysis


  • Reduce time from recipient to delivery
  • Reduce time spent looking for lost packages
  • Increase efficiency in the shipment & delivery process
  • Effective fleet utilization & analysis


  • ASP.Net with C#
  • XML
  • SQL Server

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