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Web Based Application for Financial Investment [CASE STUDY]

17 Feb 2011

Client is a highly respected financial investment and research firm based out of California, USA. They offer services such as detailed financial research, long-term investment strategies, mutual fund products and a newsletter to high-net-worth clients, institutions, other financial advisors and retail customers.

Business Need for a Web Based Application

The Business house saw an opportunity to open up their store of research and analysis in the form of comprehensive website. In order to bring their successful print publication online, Client wanted a custom web based application solution whose content could be managed by in-house employees.

Web Based Application Solution for Financial Investment

The solution provided by Rishabh brought together the print newsletter with thousands of subscribers into the web environment and grew a high-end, sophisticated professional advisor client-base from the subscription pool. Once established on the web, it helped expand Client’s brand name and increase subscription revenue from ranks of financial advisors. A blend of commerce and web-enabled interactivity was designed for the site by Rishabh along with tools to manage access to subscriber-only materials, search criteria and creating content update emails.

Client’s subscribers used the Client’s research to recommend mutual funds to their respective clients, receive content to adapt into their own newsletters along with PowerPoint presentations, forms and questionnaires, in-depth asset class research, fund due diligence, model investment portfolios and updates on the select list of funds covered by Client.

The website proved to both a technological and commercial reference point. The client’s high-value market grew with the creation of a sophisticated but easy-to-use website, resulting in a wider subscriber base of financial advisors who realized the added benefits and value of exclusive research with online tools and customized reporting features.

Key capabilities of the solution provided were:

  • Publishing of real-time information to respond to rapid market changes.
  • Content administration through a systematic approval process, to ensure content accuracy and accessibility throughout the site as well as maintain quality control
  • Empowerment of non-technical users to quickly and seamlessly contribute web-based content using familiar tools and easy-to-use interfaces
  • Task-based workflow that ensured content is always relevant, timely and accurate.

Client Benefits

  • Enforced & protected the brand across all web properties
  • Managed multiple web initiatives in parallel
  • Mobilized the entire workforce on the Web
  • Built site loyalty through a diverse asset strategy


  • ASP.Net 1.1 with C#
  • SQL Server 2000

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