Enterprise Application Integration

Today’s businesses need to follow strong Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) practices in order to simplify interactions between various business applications, thus leading to a long-term solution that is scalable, maintainable and robust. The Integration allows you to choose “best of breed” enterprise applications and combine them into a holistic solution. More importantly, it allows companies to connect the islands of information within the enterprise, leading to better-informed decisions, greater efficiencies and lower data discrepancies.

Rishabh Software has significant experience in Integrating Applications for mid-market and Fortune 2000 clients globally using robust EAI tools as well as custom integrations.
Integrating enterprise applications on a single platform

Some of the Enterprise Applications that we can and have integrated for our clients include:

ERPIBM BPCS, Oracle Ebiz
CRMOracle Ebiz, IBM BPCS, SFDCSalesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM
Business IntelligenceMicrosoft BI, Cognos, Qlikview, Jaspersoft, Microstrategy
DatabasesOracle, SQL Server, MY SQL, IBM DB2, IBM DB/400
Content ManagementDrupal, Kohana, Joomla, WordPress, DotnetNuke, PHPNuke
CollaborationSharepoint, Drupal

This was achieved by using custom integrations or enterprise-ready tools like BizTalk server, SSIS, Jitterbit and CloudHub by Mulesoft. Contact us or call us at 1-877-RISHABH, to understand how we can help you integrate your enterprise applications.

Our EAI Services generally go through the following lifecycle:

  • EAI Strategy definition
  • Tool selection
  • Implementation
  • Testing

Different components of the framework may use different data formats, languages or operating systems that might prevent connection through a standard interface. For any modular or distributed system to be functional, a standard method for handling the flow of data between business apps and systems needs to be set to maintain consistency across the database.

App integration solutions must be highly stable as they are the glue that holds together the modular infrastructure.

Capabilities in the area of Enterprise Application Integration are:

Data IntegrationWe can help our clients integrate data across different types of databases like Mainframe DB, Oracle, SQL server and other similar database technologies. We can also perform custom data integrations.
Application IntegrationThis involves B2B integration through EDI with AS2, using WCF services, building custom connectors between applications or by using the right middleware like Mulesoft and Biztalk.
Process IntegrationThis could be done to integrate legacy systems for re-use of processes. It could also involve creating web services to enable online integration. It’s now known as Business Process Management (BPM), when it’s done across the enterprise IT.
Message IntegrationOne of the ways we integrate messaging is to build custom schemas that have inbuilt business rules using protocols like SOAP, REST and others. We design and build custom adapters as well as use many standard adapters. We also design and develop custom pipelines for message transport. One popular solution that we use for message integration is Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) Technology which now comes under Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

By working with Rishabh’s EAI team, your enterprise will achieve the following enhancements to its technology investments:

  • Fast ROI – With our deep technical knowledge, we can quickly bring a new enterprise application on-board, leading to faster ROI for your technology investments.
  • Interoperability – By standardizing the interface, we help overcome differences in data formats, languages or operating systems in the different components and databases of the enterprise applications.
  • Robustness, Stability and Scalability– We ensure that our Enterprise Application Integration services helps you achieve stability, scalability and robustness across the modular infrastructure of various business apps.
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