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Digital Process Automation Services

As a digital process automation service provider, we can help you leverage low-code development capabilities by combining synergistic digital experiences to build responsive digital process automation solutions.

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Team up with an experienced digital automation company & gear up for revolution!

Empowering businesses with transformative Digital Process Automation solutions beyond just digitization. Our skilled team is perfectly positioned to help you leverage a future-ready DPA strategy that augments the speed, scope, & success of task automation & process orchestration within your organization.

Our digital process automation services take a consultative-led approach that starts by analyzing your manual flow of data and legacy systems that work in silos. As a next step, our team collaborates with you to design intelligent workflows that automate manual tasks, integrate systems, and enable seamless information flow across the board.

Part of the goal is to enhance operational efficiency and facilitate growth by leveraging Microsoft Power Platform’s capabilities. DPA enables businesses to build better & smarter apps much faster and offers a centralized view of all processes to gain actionable insights for non-stop optimization using Power BI. Whether it requires basic back-office task automation or full-scale process orchestration, our holistic digital transformation approach ensures high productivity with seamless deployments.

Digital business process automation

Digital Automation Services We Offer

As a prominent DPA services-providing company, we specialize in fulfilling critical digital automation requirements across multiple areas, such as workflow automation, compliance management, customer onboarding, paperless management, better governance, and fixing legacy systems. We have 2 decades of experience in providing end-to-end digital process automation solutions, and we are driven by the industry’s best analysts and senior developers with top-of-the-line expertise across a wide spectrum of automation technologies.

Digital Process Automation Consulting

Digital Process Automation Consulting

From analyzing your operations & prioritizing features to formulating an integration roadmap & defining the user adoption strategy – we optimize processes with data-driven decision-making. With our DPA – digital process automation consulting services, we enable true business automation by implementing solutions that incorporate and replicate procedures performed by individuals and teams. We have extensive experience in helping organizations implement and automate organizational workflows holistically using Robotic Automation, Natural Language Processing, and leveraging AI capabilities. We’re fully equipped with a comprehensive automation tech stack and familiar with all the relevant tools to drive cross-functional automation for your modern enterprise.

  • Process Mapping to gain insights into workflows for optimizing efficiency and eliminating bottlenecks.
  • Roadmap Development to align technology initiatives with your business goals.
  • Technology Selection to help you choose the right tech stack that caters to your custom software development requirements.
  • Integrations to seamlessly connect your apps and systems for streamlined data exchange.
  • Reporting and Analytics capabilities to help you extract actionable business insights.

Low-Code Platform Apps

Low-Code Platform Apps

We are proud to be a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, which signifies our competency in a comprehensive array of Microsoft tools, technologies, products, and solutions. At Rishabh Software, we can help you harness the full potential of Microsoft Power Platform to develop secure and scalable enterprise-grade low-code apps.

Efficiently orchestrate the workflow between your people, processes, systems, and services by bringing greater efficiency and agility in the business process. Our digital process automation services leverage the combined potential of custom low-code app development, real-time dashboards, AI-powered bots, and intelligent automation to streamline operations and speed-up digitalization cost-effectively, even on a large scale.

  • Power Apps to reduce development time, effort, and cost.
  • Power Automate to automate and accelerate repetitive processes.
  • Power BI to enable informed decision-making across the board.
  • Power Virtual Agents free up staff by answering common internal-facing issues with high-value interactions.
  • Power Pages to build customizable business websites quickly.

DPA Software Implementation

DPA Software Implementation

Implementing a digital process automation solution is a transformative step for businesses that want to enhance operational efficiency and drive digital transformation. Your investment in automation reduces costs and improves the overall work efficiency across your organization.

At Rishabh Software, we work collaboratively with you to identify and prioritize the right implementation opportunities to customize and configure the business case to support fully scaled deployment. We guide you through every step of the implementation process, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum value realization. Once we’ve successfully implemented the software, it enables smooth orchestration of complex workflows, efficient data capture, real-time analysis, and data-driven decision-making – all within a centralized digital environment.

  • Solution Design and Configuration to optimize its performance and maximize efficiency.
  • Data Migration and Integration to transfer and integrate your data to new systems without any loss or disruption.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance to ensure the flawless performance of your software.
  • Post-Implementation Support to address any concerns or issues that may arise.

SharePoint Portals and Content Management

SharePoint Portals and Content Management

Put your digital content in order with secure and convenient SharePoint CMS. We make the most out of SharePoint CMS by enabling new ways to store, secure, report, protect, and recover user documents & content.

We can also help you set up document libraries, version control, metadata tagging, and workflows to streamline your document management processes while ensuring quick, accurate, and efficient document handling. Elevate your business performance and boost operational efficiency by developing fit-for-purpose portals, intranets, and extranets solutions leveraging our SharePoint development services.

  • Portal Development that is tailored to foster collaboration and boost productivity.
  • Intranet Development to create centralized repositories for internal communication, news, announcements, and documents.
  • Extranets let you collaborate and share information on internal networks and share them with important stakeholders.
  • Workflow Automation optimizes processes required to complete a task.
  • CRM integration to ensure seamless data exchange and a unified user experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform

We help you make the most of this powerful cloud platform by seamlessly integrating your apps and third-party systems with a CRM system, ensuring perfect alignment with your existing workflows. We enable the automation of your key business processes by employing service-to-service cloud APIs, Microsoft PowerApps, and Microsoft Power Platform.

From helping you optimize finance and operational processes to enabling seamless customer service and effective sales & marketing strategies, we ensure that every aspect of your business benefits from our tailored Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting approach. As an experienced digital automation company, we lend a helping hand with migration, new deployments, integration, and ongoing management.

  • Solution Mapping to finalize your automation initiative’s key components and necessary customizations.
  • Migration from outdated dynamics platform versions while minimizing potential disruptions.
  • Implementation and system integration with a wide range of third-party platforms.
  • Maintenance and support for the complete lifecycle of your deployed solution.

Tools & Technologies

Minimize cost, errors & risk while maximizing productivity with digital process automation.


Automate your critical business processes with our digital process automation services

Our personalized approach to meticulously mapping business needs & delivering superior DPA solutions has earned us the trust of leading tech companies worldwide. Kickstart your automation journey with us to develop solutions that capture, collate & organize all types of data with scalability so you can avoid process delays while ensuring consistency across systems.

Digital Automation Company
Multi-domain Experience

Multi-domain Experience

We have two decades of experience driving digitalization & automation initiatives for small, medium, and large companies across industries. We deliver transformation through our industry-specific consulting capabilities & extensive process optimization experience.
Microsoft Center of Excellence

Microsoft Center of Excellence

We have 20+ years of experience working with Microsoft technologies to deliver custom software solutions with a strong emphasis on enablement, governance, change management, support, and continuous monitoring. You can count on us to drive the success of your development and automation initiatives without having your IT resources strained.
Customer-first Focus

Customer-first Focus

Our clients value our agility, responsiveness, and genuine desire to enable them to optimize & scale. They benefit from our extensive experience, powerful business automation tools, advanced integration capabilities & fail-safe solutions designed to perform today and well into the future.
Data Management Capabilities

Data Management Capabilities

The volume & variety of business data is increasing exponentially with more processes and applications. Rishabh Software can help you with total data management to build modernized information architecture. From ETL to data lake/data warehouse to data visualization using Power BI – We do it all. This enables you to move faster and better across your process automation journey.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a low-code development platform?

    It is a comprehensive app development platform that provides a development environment with a graphical user interface that requires negligible custom coding to develop & deploy new applications. It can also be used to rapidly design engaging UIs, and integrate technologies, apps, business data & systems into a unified workflow for improved efficiency and productivity. Here’s a comprehensive read on low-code development with business benefits and practical applications.

    What can you build with low-code development capabilities?

    A low-code development platform offers endless possibilities to develop any web, mobile, or desktop application, depending on your business needs. Some examples of business apps include:

    • Help desk management
    • Human resource management system
    • Customer relations management
    • Enterprise resource planning
    • Travel and Expense Management
    • Asset & inventory management
    • Procurement
    • Enterprise mobile apps
    • Self-service portals
    • Website
    Which are the best features of a low-code platform?

    The top features of a powerful low-code platform are:

    • User interface builder with drag & drop functionality
    • Reusable components for quick and easy app development
    • Reporting & analytics to create customized reports
    • Workflow modeling for seamless management of data
    • Integrations to completely automate manual processes
    • Build cross-platform apps that across browsers and devices
    What are the benefits of digital business process automation?

    DPA helps to automate manual and repetitive tasks, helps to eliminate human errors, saves operational costs, and drives efficiency gains. Furthermore, digitizing operational processes helps to eliminate bottlenecks and improves work efficiency across the organizational facet. With reduced manual tasks, employees have more time to focus on important aspects like improving customer experience or optimizing a product for enhanced user experience.

    What is the difference between RPA and DPA?

    Robotic process automation aims to employ bots to automate mundane manual tasks. In contrast, digital process automation streamlines the entire ecosystem of an organization’s operational processes and workflows for increased productivity and efficiency. So, while RPA eliminates the need for human intervention in case of repetitive tasks, DPA combines synergistic digital capabilities to build efficient, scalable & responsive value chains.

    You can learn more about RPA in this article that elaborates on why you should adopt Robotic Process Automation for Business Growth.

    How long does it take to see a considerable return on investment with DPA software?

    The ROI depends on three key factors: efficiency gains, automated business processes, and cost savings. There are chances that your business may start experiencing tangible benefits within months; however, others will be required to wait until automation becomes more widespread.