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Bookkeeping App Modernization to Streamline Finance Management [Case Study]

27 May 2022

Bookkeeping is in a deep state of flux right now, driven by technology that has automated many of the processes. And, it is proving to be a core need for micro, small & medium businesses. It helps them to manage finances, cash flow, sales, taxes & loans. Though often relying upon legacy systems, they struggle with unrelated data and slow financial reporting. The early transition to digitizing their cash and credit transactions by getting cash flow visibility would help them grow their profits faster.

Learn how a Southeast Asian FinTech company partnered with Rishabh to modernize their bookkeeping mobile application while making it more relevant, robust & responsive to address the current & future needs of MSMEs.

Project Overview

A Southeast Asian FinTech company was looking for an experienced technology partner to reengineer their bookkeeping mobile application on Android. It was with the latest in technology to streamline the billing & invoicing and other processes of their end customers – MSMEs. As part of the scope, they wanted to digitize varied modules, including inventory management, store management, customer management, invoice generation, reporting & more while improving user authentication & access.


  • Scalability & support for sophisticated accounting features
  • No single place to view, analyze and record business financial transactions
  • Limited/no scope for integration with new processes & systems
  • Frequent maintenance & support with poor UX


The reengineering of the accounting bookkeeping app was focused on three main areas – restructuring the code, revamping the frontend & backend & adding new bookkeeping features. Our team analyzed the existing backend and frontend code and restructured classes to improve the design & functionality of the app for ease of use. The client had a special consideration to enable the use of the app in offline mode and our team achieved that by enabling the synchronization of data, users, stores & transactions. All the use-case scenarios were carefully considered to ensure there was no data loss.

Code Restructuring

  • API re-development to handle authentication and authorization & trigger OTPs to registered users
  • Finding and fixing bugs to ensure accurate reporting of financial transactions
  • Third-party data integrations to deliver real-time insights into inventory, sales, cost, suppliers, and revenues
Customer Dashboard for Modernized Accounting Bookkeeping App
Report Screen For Reengineered Bookkeeping Mobile App

Feature Enhancement

  • Ability to track and manage lending transactions with SMS-enabled notifications
  • Weekly & monthly sales, expenses, and profit charts
  • Users can manage their client’s invoices and details

Database Configuration

  • Enabled faster query processing & management
  • Modified the migration classes and room entity of the database tables to reflect the changes
  • Secured storage and data sharing for accurate and error-free financial data

UX Revamp

  • Utilized React Native and React Libraries to enhance the existing functionalities including home screen, profile, reporting, charts & transaction flow. The revamp enhanced the app’s overall performance, functioning & usability.


  • 3x faster & more accurate financial reporting
  • 25% increase in efficiency for account management
  • 40%+ improvement in decision making with the right visibility

Customer Profile

A South-East Asian Fintech Company


Nest JS, MySQL, TypeORM, Twilio, Slack API, Firebase, React Native, Redux, SQLite

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