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SharePoint Document Management Solution

24 Sep 2019

Companies deal with a boundless sea of electronic documents comprising information about their business operations and customers. Using SharePoint for document management can help automate the ways in which records & files are managed to increase employee productivity while optimizing the processes. Rishabh Software helps you leverage document management in SharePoint to store, organize and track digital documents for smooth, productive business workflow.

Document Management is a central component of any business process today. It provides a transparent, streamlined, and intuitive management of company documents. No matter what is the service or product focus of your organization, there is always a document management system (DMS) that will help keep your organization productive and efficient. DMS helps create a valuable repository of corporate information assets that facilitates knowledge creation.

Rishabh Software leverages Microsoft SharePoint based document management systems. We create custom solutions for small to medium and large enterprises. Read on to learn how we empower organizations to achieve agility with their business goals through our cost-effective DMS solutions.


How Our SharePoint DMS Solution Boosts Business Productivity?

At Rishabh Software, we offer the creation of well-structured document hierarchies. It is with ample document libraries and folders for easy-to-use, with an interactive user interface. They support teams of any type and size to streamline their work processes, improve collaboration, and boost their productivity.

Let’s look at the core modules and essential facets of the developed Microsoft SharePoint document management system.

Document Management

We integrate Office 365 applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and more with the DMS. It enables the registered users to create & store new documents directly in the system.

Moreover, our SharePoint DMS helps with automatic capture of the various document types and convert them into readable & searchable PDF files. The in-built validation rules further examine the data of these documents during recording and ensure that there are no missing symbols or poorly scanned pages in them.

Primary features of this module, include;

  • Dashboard: A custom dashboard displays recent activities, monthly reports, and other relevant information to adequately track the business processes.
  • Bulk Upload: Users can upload bulk documents in the system. It supports .odt, .docx, .pdf, .ppsx, .pptx, .ods, and many other types of file extensions.
  • Document Library: Authorized users can access the current documents in the system, along with their modification history. It is also possible to modify, convert, store, and share these documents.

User Management


Admin can add/manage users and provide role-based access for the system features. SharePoint as a document management system offers features such as calendar integration, schedule meetings, forum and more to help admin create a centralized system for business-related activities.

This module also covers:

  • Versioning: Admin can keep track of the prior versions of business documents. Moreover, they can even restore any of the previous versions if it is relevant than the current one.
  • Collaboration: Users can view, edit, and share documents in real-time from any location and device. The system will reflect all the changes and mark them with different colors to streamline the collaboration process.

Workspace Management


The module allows the users to manage various tasks, document metadata, and other activities as a part of the process workflow.

It covers:

  • Workflow Management: Users can define multiple workflow types for approval, feedback, signature, and more. For instance, admin can set the values for the automatic consent corresponding to small-scale contracts.
  • Indexing: Users can label electronic documents specific to teams, projects, document types, functions, and other objectives.

Record Management


This module of our SharePoint online document management system benefits with saving time & operational costs for document storage, search, and sharing processes.

Primary sections of this module:

  • Record Library: The most relevant documents are stored in libraries, while the other non-effective material gets moved to repositories automatically.
  • Retrieval: Users can search and retrieve files & documents based on their permissions.

Apart from this, we install various components in Microsoft SharePoint DMS such as enterprise search, offline editing, third-party app integration, security & compliance, alerts & notifications, and custom templates, to name a few.

Seeking A Document Management Solution?

We create custom document management systems to automate business processes and boosts productivity

How We Help Implement Document Management System in SharePoint

Our expert SharePoint consultants make your document management a breeze.

They help you optimize data management with SharePoint by

  1. Building a migration strategy
  2. Identifying document sources such as network files, cloud files, hard drives and more
  3. Analyzing existing documents and determining the document types that you want to upload & manage in SharePoint DMS
  4. Creating a content type structure that can be extended based on needs
  5. Defining metadata for various document categories, including organization policies, workflow process, purchase orders, invoices and more
  6. Deciding required naming conventions, distributing content to smaller files and tracking document expiry date as per industry regulations
  7. Uploading documents in the DMS system

We Provide Flexible Solutions Based on SharePoint

As an experienced custom SharePoint development company, Rishabh Software provides business-specific solutions that meet the current industry requirements.

We help enterprises to maximize productivity through;

  • Multiple Deployment Options: We help organizations to select, install, and deploy solutions on-premise, cloud-based, or even a hybrid setup.
  • Other App Integration: We integrate SharePoint system with other solutions such as ERP, CRM, HRMS, BI, and more as per the needs.


Businesses, regardless of their domain, always strive to maximize efficiencies. SharePoint DMS helps foster a collaborative work environment across teams. It improves productivity and saves operational costs.

Rishabh Software has the required skill in offering scalable SharePoint document management system. It is across various industry verticals. Our results-driven approach helps companies to automate, streamline, and optimize their document-driven processes.