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Automation Testing for Chemical eCommerce Web Application [Case Study]

07 Feb 2022

Quality Assurance (QA) is crucial for all kinds of software created today. And, even more for e-stores in particular as it is driven majorly by user experiences, where quality can make or break the success of your online business. Automation testing for eCommerce websites helps assess the core functionality across multiple scenarios and for a variety of devices to declare whether it is flawless on all parameters. As an absolute game-changer, it not only finds out the bugs and other complications but also optimization avenues that might require modification. Explore how we enabled a US-based B2B eCommerce store supplying chemical products to conduct business online confidently by putting together a robust QA & Testing framework.

Project Overview

A North American technology company that partnered with us for the development of a dedicated online store was also in pursuit of testing automation for their chemical eCommerce website. The Rishabh team thoroughly understood the requirements and accordingly defined the approaches for test management, documentation, design, execution and reporting.

As their preferred testing partner, we helped to manage and streamline the QA process to ensure a fully functional B2B e-store, covering all the features and identifying bugs promptly. This would help deliver an error-free experience for end-users like global chemical producers, distributors and chemical suppliers.


  • Assuring management of compliance with the e-store & detecting possible bugs promptly
  • Testing of the integration capabilities for the ERP and related systems with the B2B e-store
  • Lack of documented & streamlined approach for testing outcomes & process management


Since the customer did not document the requirements for their website functionality, we set up a few meetings to fully understand their needs & executed smoke testing for the chemical eCommerce web application to validate the key functionality. In line with the same, our testing team designed and executed several test cases to assess the overall website. With this approach, our team helped plan, strategize & track the progress of the overall test process.

We also proposed automated testing of the chemical eCommerce web application by considering the addition of new features & functionalities done during the development phase. Overall, we helped the client efficiently meet the release cycle & delivered new high-quality app features as required.

The essential steps included;

  • Proposed and implemented test management tool to help the client document requirements
  • Streamlining the release process to ensure the impeccable quality of the app
  • Automation of regression suite to reduce manual QA efforts & increase efficiency for new development
  • Proposed fortnightly release to receive regular targeted user stories
Extent Report - Testing Automation for Chemical Ecommerce Website
Defects Matrix – Functional Testing of Chemical Ecommerce Web Application
  • Addressed technical issues that cropped up & suggested modifications that helped enhance application response & uniformity of app pages
  • GitLab CI/CD pipeline for automated regression test execution that helped to run tests at regular intervals
  • Pipeline of automated smoke suite run with every deployment


  • 60% reduction of manual testing efforts
  • 100% flawless user experience
  • 5X increase in system performance

Customer Profile

US-based B2B eCommerce Supplier for Chemical Products


Java, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, Selenium, GitLab

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