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Cab & Taxi Booking App Development Solution [Case Study]

14 Oct 2014

The GPS cab dispatch and management solution was developed to deliver better customer services and streamline operations right from booking the cab to invoicing and managing payments on the go.


The client needed a cab booking solution for their fleet of cars equipped with tablets. The solution was required to simplify the cab reservation process and deliver cohesive customer service with operational efficiency. By leveraging GPS technologies it would help the taxi providers enhance control and gain better business visibility while delivering premium services. The solution also needed to provide a unified user experience for cab drivers and passengers, enabling them to access and streamline the booking process on the fly.



  • Tracking and synchronizing cab location data with server
  • High inaccuracy in computing distance traveled by cabs
  • Managing multiple modes payments and invoicing
  • Poor GPS performance and user management


The development team at Rishabh Software analyzed and mapped the client’s requirements into multiple phases. To improve tracking and booking performance, the team at Rishabh Software created a unified taxi booking and dispatch software by integrating passenger, driver and the backend administrator portal modules with essential web services.


A digital odometer was also implemented in the mobile solution leveraging GPS to track the distance traveled. Also, to simplify the payment process – the team integrated a payment gateway to manage multiple currencies, PayPal integration and numerous payment tracking and invoicing functionalities.


Business Benefits

  • Increased productivity by monitoring and executing booking requests proactively
  • Better operational efficiency by push notifications for cab drivers and passengers
  • Improved Quality-of-Service (QoS) by streamlining booking process on the fly
  • Enriched mobile payment and invoicing practice for faster cab booking

A simple and efficient taxi booking & management solution

Industry Segment

Transportation & Logistics

Technology and Tools

  • PhoneGap
  • Android
  • Java
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Google Map
  • MySQL


Rishabh Software helps global cab providers deliver top quality services to their customers through this taxi booking software. Reach out to us to know more about this solution.

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