Category : Software Development

Difference Between Angular And React

Front-end is a crucial factor in any website or application. As part of this, Angular and React are the leading front-end technologies today. They help to develop clean, functional, and attractive user interfaces.

Online Event Management System

Event management comprises of planning and organizing events such as conferences, trade shows, award functions, and such other ceremonies. Companies across domains today utilize web-based event management systems to engage maximum attendees and achieve business-wide results.

Product Re-engineering Of Survey Software For Healthcare Industry [Case Study]

Healthcare industry today is facing the challenges of rising costs amid uneven quality of care & treatment. Moreover, for businesses, an efficient online survey application supports them to map the patient-provider communication by providing feedback — both from patients and employees.

Virtual Classroom System For Education & e-Learning Business

Online Virtual solutions are transforming the learning and training component today for educational institutes, as well as established corporate houses. Rishabh Software provides collaborative virtual classroom platforms, by encompassing cross-platform compatibility.