Essential Advantages of Enterprise Application Integration

26 Oct. 2015 Software Development

A number of factors have encouraged businesses to begin the process of application integration. In case of small companies, it is the influx of demand from large firms that requires them to conduct business electronically. Similarly, larger organizations are under pressure to make their operations quicker, cheaper and better. In an era where ‘information silos’ can greatly disadvantage a business, enterprise app integration (EAI) has become necessary for survival. Applications that manage customer relationships, supply chains, business intelligence or other enterprise resources need to work in tandem with each other so that business operations can be streamlined.

Advantages of EAI

Enterprise Application Integration Benefits

EAI bridges the gap between these disparate systems and eases the flow of data between applications. It enables information exchange and provides an interface through which this exchange can be managed. When implemented correctly, EAI allows organizations to realize the true value of their investment in technology.

Let us discuss the Benefits of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) in depth:

Improved Sharing of Information by Integrating ERP + Salesforce

In world where a customer expects a website to load in less than three seconds, businesses cannot afford over reliance on legacy systems. EAI is necessary to keep data moving across business units and among business applications. When a company has too many ‘islands of automation’, crucial enterprise data may get lost if the systems do not communicate well together. With EAI, data can be gathered at a single location to enable easy access for all concerned.

Consider this scenario. A global organization maybe using three different enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems based on its business requirement and has recently moved to the Cloud, say, Salesforce. In this case, EAI becomes a necessity so that information flow can be created between the traditional systems and Salesforce. This eliminates redundant processes and improves collaboration across teams.

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Better Business Agility by Integrating eCommerce + ERP

One major advantage of syncing enterprise applications is that companies can respond faster in a dynamic IT environment. Not only that, when all enterprise technologies are working collectively, businesses will find it easier to identify and respond to opportunities for growth.

EAI can combine activities or data from distinct systems and use it to facilitate day to day business dealings. For instance, a firm maybe using different applications to carry out their CRM and email marketing activities. Integrating the CRM data with the email marketing platform can help send targeted offers or messages based on customer buying behavior or past preferences. This data can then be fed into an analytics program which can churn out forecasts on how a marketing campaign will perform in the time to come. In addition, all this knowledge can be brought together to decide where to invest future IT resources. Likewise, if you are in the retail industry, you may particularly benefit from integrating your sales channels, eCommerce and ERP platforms to drive revenue and encourage consumers to interact with their favorite retail brands.

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In conclusion, to continue functioning in this ever-changing world, it is essential that organizations adopt an ‘ease of doing business’ philosophy. But to make this philosophy actually work, a holistic solution that is implemented with the help of EAI can aid your business in taking decisions that positively impact the bottom line.

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