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Develop Enterprise Apps Rapidly With Low-Code Development

08 Sep 2021

Does your organization have the digital agility to quickly respond to the rapid pace of the new business landscape?

Are you still relying on manual processes, siloed data & large dev teams to program code-heavy apps?

If so, keeping pace with the competition in this digital era could require an enterprise-wide monumental shift. And that would call for heavy financial investment and months of waiting! All of this with no guarantee that you’ll get the desired results. Sounds scary, isn’t it?

Add to that, the aftereffects of 2020 can further compound your challenges. Digital process automation (DPA) had been well advancing, but the pandemic pushed its pace through the roof!

So how can you keep up?

Low-code application development is your answer!

It’s all about building better business solutions faster. Through this blog, we’ll try to answer all your queries on how to streamline development to build applications & processes.

Here we go!

What Is Low-Code Development?

It enables development teams to build more apps of any complexity in much less time by utilizing basic logic and drag-and-drop capabilities of low-code app development platforms.

This enables businesses to be more responsive and instantly meet evolving market or growth needs. This framework can be used by technical and “citizen developers” (non-professional development) to create applications to fulfill market demands for growth, simplify processes, and facilitate digital transformation.

Why Does Low-code Matter?

  • According to Gartner, by 2024;
    • Low-code app development will take over more than 65% of the application development processes worldwide
    • 75% of established enterprises would leverage at least 4 low-code tools for IT application development and citizen development initiatives
  • Redhat estimated that business solutions based on low-code platforms have the potential to bring down the development time & effort by 90%

Low-code development has evolved as the success strategy that supports seamless execution of enterprise-wide digital process automation. With business data often residing across a variety of content repositories and systems, it often hampers digitalization. Due to disjointed systems and siloed tasks, the operations become rigid that don’t meet user needs and adversely impact the customer expectations.

Benefits Of Low-Code Development

Modern low-code development goes way beyond just developing applications – it aims to create a comprehensive ecosystem with custom solutions that ultimately solve business challenges. This empowers organizations to simplify, streamline & speed up various business processes ranging from lead management to customer service and unleash the power of innovation.

 Companies using low code application development can build custom apps in a fraction of the time with the same resources. But there’s much more to low code than just performance or speed!

  • Faster time to market
  • Greater agility & increased efficiency
  • Easy deployment, reduced cost
  • Reduced burden for support and maintenance
  • Robust and reliable built-in governance
  • Seamless integration of legacy systems
  • A flawless user experience by default
  • Modern architecture with scalability on the cloud-native environment as well

Wish to Build Better & Smarter at Scale?

Allow us to help you harness the potential of low-code & outpace the competition with faster apps and processes to accelerate innovation

Popular Low-Code Development Platforms

Low code development platforms are designed to make the tedious coding process a total breeze. This means that you can avoid the stress and hassles of line-to-line coding and stay focused on designing your app like a flowchart.

Based on our experience listed below are widely used low code development tools that help simplify the process of app development for development teams globally.

Microsoft Power Platform Suite

  • Rich forms & views with Rest APIs
  • Process mining capability
  • A self-service business analytics tool with intuitive visualization capabilities
  • Code plug-ins and data integration capabilities with built-in AI components
  • Power query tools


  • Visual Modeling tool with drag-and-drop interfaces
  • Reusability
  • Platform security & scalability
  • Easy Integration with enterprise systems, data, web services


  • Drag-and-drop simplicity with a visual development environment
  • Integrates with any database or system
  • Scalability through APIs
  • DevOps automation
  • Native support for fast & easy deployments


  • Reusability
  • Drag-and-drop interfaces with visual modeling tools
  • Platform SDK
  • Open API platform architecture with a responsive UI framework

Low-Code Platform Feature Considerations for Selecting a Framework

Cross-platform Compatibility

Multi-device compatibility is a resourceful functionality of low-code development tools that ensures seamless execution across all platforms.

  • A single all-purpose development framework helps businesses stay competitive by utilizing the platform to build custom cross-platform solutions
  • They work across web, desktop, and mobile apps, for any type of device and application architecture — web or native.

Data Centricity

Data as you would agree is an essential component of provided connected experience.

  • For low code application development platforms, it is a must to not just have a reliable database but also offers easy data-centric integration
  • Today, successful businesses rely on the ability of quick access to data for embedding into applications. It is by using point-and-click integration tools – that means better, more connected applications are delivered much faster than before.

Reusability & Scalability

A key aspect of low-code development is the use of pre-configured modules and features to handle an increase in users over time

  • With common key functionalities needed for building different apps and they can be reused to develop different solutions more quickly.
  • Enables development teams to reuse both pre-built or newly developed plug-ins, modules, and apps to build custom apps faster.
  • Platforms should be scalable enough to facilitate the development of new apps to address the growing needs of the business with ease.

Why Now is the Time to Team up With a Low Code Development Company?

The pandemic has exerted more pressure on enterprises to be responsive, agile, and strategic in adapting to shifting markets & evolving customer demands. The ability to evolve and pivot has never been more crucial: there’s a dire need to transform and take advantage of DPA for improved efficiency, engagement & assistance across the entire organization.

Low-code development services & platforms empower businesses to keep the pace under this intense pressure with speedy app development cycles that:

  • Create an impact with smart apps that enable personalized experiences for employees and customers
  • Move faster, reduce backlogs & realize optimal value sooner
  • Optimize business processes, bridge process gaps, and reduce the burden of manual tasks
  • Modernize legacy apps and digitalize existing systems with enhanced capabilities
  • Fuel innovation with faster app delivery into new markets

Low Code Software Development – Rishabh Imperative

Rishabh Software with its deep industry experience & industry-leading technology stack has decades of experience in driving digital transformation. Also, as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we efficiently meet customer needs in today’s cloud-first, mobile-first world.

Our DPA services enable driving business growth through technology. They improve operations, boost productivity with real-time business intelligence. With a proven methodology, our team helps align delivery with app modernization.

Common Low-Code Use Cases Using MS Power Platform

Our team has deeper expertise in utilizing Microsoft’s next-generation business process automation and productivity suite. It is used by 16 million monthly active users by domain experts globally.

From simple online forms to sophisticated AI-based solutions, here are some business processes we can help automate by developing apps across listed departments using Microsoft’s low code development platform:

Automate business processes with Microsoft’s low code development platform


  • Employee onboarding
  • Document &Timesheet management
  • Employee Surveys
  • Talent management


  • Visualization dashboards
  • Custom reports
  • Expense tracking
  • Invoice processing

Business Processes

  • AI-powered apps for FAQ management
  • Multi-stage approval automation
  • Remote work empowerment
  • Resource scheduling


  • Digital asset repository
  • Global content management
  • Product catalogs
  • Partner programs


  • Asset management
  • Intranets & portals logs & progress
  • Helpdesk ticketing systems
  • Escalation workflows


  • Custom CRM solution
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Payment & Sales intake forms
  • Leaderboards

Customer Support

  • Customer-facing portals
  • Virtual agents
  • Service request app
  • Loyalty programs


  • Business analytics tools
  • UI for web apps & mobile devices
  • Routine workflow automation
  • Project management

Your Low-code Queries Answered

Listed below are some of the common questions we encounter while supporting organizations to either building an MVP and testing their idea in the market or enhance the effectiveness of their cloud-ready applications that require full or partial integration

Low-code software development is suited for what type of business?

Businesses of any size or scope can take advantage of low-code technology to create value.  Whether it is to automate certain business processes with DPA or to enhance your existing CRM system, low code platforms are equally beneficial to both small businesses & large enterprises. It is highly beneficial for building apps that automate business functions quickly and efficiently.

Does using a low-code platform reduce cost?

Low-code application development is typically faster and therefore, reduces overall effort and cost. It enables businesses to develop and deploy apps to the cloud without investing in on-premise infrastructure.

What is the business value of low-code app development?

With visual development, single click deployments, reusability & seamless integration with agile methodologies, low-code app development enables developers to design and deploy apps much faster. This allows enterprises to innovate, accelerate their time-to-market, improve IT output – all while optimizing productivity and boosting ROI.

Want to Develop Solutions that Move the Dial?

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