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Modernization Of Commission Management Software Solution [Case Study]

08 Feb 2021

In today’s world, commission programs help recognize and reward the organization’s individuals for producing the targeted results that affect the bottom line. Managing them on a manual basis can quickly get out of hand if you depend on complex and time-consuming spreadsheets. A dedicated software solution offers easy management of commissions and related back-office activities. It enables streamlining the incentive compensation management with better engagement across the structure. Learn how we helped one of the North American customers modernize their legacy commission management system to improve business operations.

Project Overview

Our client is a staffing & recruitment firm that assists mid-tier to Fortune 500 clients with their staffing needs. They wanted to enhance the existing third-party sales-based commission management system for employees and consultants.
Rishabh Software helped fine-tune the system by automating the mundane routine tasks, simplify calculations and track the commissions based on real-time data.


  • Complex, error-prone process for calculating tier commissions of employees & consultants
  • Lack of user hierarchy management
  • Manual, time-consuming Excel-based reporting to review updated commission splits and payroll process
  • No centralized system to view all commission related data


Rishabh’s team created an automated commission management software utilizing .NET technologies on a Windows IIS Server using data from an SQL Server database. Our team took the waterfall model approach to develop the solution in a phase-wise manner. It ensured to deliver the product in a specified time. The system now allows managers, recruiters and sales personnel to access their individual commission information.

The critical components of the legacy system modernization include:

  • Admin module
  • Master data management
  • Dedicated dashboards with role-based access
  • Reporting module

The solution was tested before delivery to fix any bugs with the system. The implementation offered time for the staff and admin teams to understand the functionality and get the required assistance.

Dashboard of Sales Commission Management Software
Screenshot of Sales Commission Software Developed for a Staffing Firm


  • 90% visibility into operations with real-time benchmark and comparison reports
  • Excel-based report extraction by admin users for multiple employee levels
  • Role-based navigation allows users to access their individual commission information at any time through the mobile app
  • Automation eliminated the manual work and reduced processing time for calculation & commission payment by 75%

Customer Profile

North American Recruitment & Staffing Company


MVC 5.0 C#, Powershell Scripting, CSS 4, Html 5, jQuery, jQueryGrid, Ajax, Bootstrap 4, SQL Server

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