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Cross-Platform Data logger App Development Using Xamarin [Case Study]

15 May 2024

Platform-agnostic mobile apps have become an important aspect to cover a wider audience and improve market share. Be it customer engagement, brand awareness, or increasing sales revenue, cross-platform mobile app development is an excellent approach for building apps that run across platforms.

Rishabh Software partnered with a leading US-based data logger manufacturing company to rebuild its existing iOS app using Xamarin. The objective was to assist our client reach to a wider audience and simplify their end-user experience with the custom data logger app.

Project Overview

A data logger manufacturing company was on the lookout for a technology partner to enhance their mobile application, which was initially built using Objective-C and limited to iOS devices & operating system. The client wanted to improve cross-platform compatibility and also make it convenient to download and manage data from Bluetooth loggers, especially from hard-to-reach or restricted locations. As an experienced cross-platform mobile app development company, Rishabh Software helped the client with cross-platform data logger app development using Xamarin accessibility and better serve their customer base.


  • Existing app failed to tap into the Android user base due to its limited operating system compatibility
  • Maintaining separate codebases for iOS and Android could incur higher maintenance costs
  • Performance bottlenecks of the existing iOS app built using Objective-C impacted user experience when handling large datasets
  • Future uncertainty of Objective-C posed a risk for scalability and integration with cutting-edge frameworks and libraries


To address the challenges, we executed a holistic approach and defined a process for cross-platform data logger app development using Xamarin to deliver a native user experience. Our streamlined development process reduced costs and expedited time-to-market, allowing the client to reach a wider audience faster.

Data logger app dashboard

Key Components of The Solution

Cross-Platform Compatibility

By leveraging the code reusability feature of Xamarin, we developed a single codebase in C# to deploy across multiple platforms. This reduced development time and costs, allowing for a faster rollout and broader market reach.

Performance Optimization

Our team prioritized performance enhancements using Xamarin’s native bindings library. This facilitated seamless integration with native operating system-specific APIs and optimized the data logger app’s responsiveness and efficiency to handle large datasets.

Data file viewer screen in data logger mobile app

Feature Enhancement

We comprehensively improved the app’s user interface. We also introduced a suite of new functionalities, including real-time data visualization, advanced analytics, and remote monitoring capabilities. These additions improved the mobile app’s features and increased user engagement.

Integration with Existing Systems

Our expert team seamlessly integrated the client’s existing backend systems and databases. We safeguarded data integrity by ensuring compatibility and interoperability while minimizing disruptions to ongoing business operations.

Logger recording screen in mobile app


  • 30% increase in market reach with Xamarin
  • 40% cost savings on development, maintenance, and support
  • 25% enhancement in user satisfaction and engagement
  • 50% reduction in obsolescence risk

Customer Profile

A leading US-based data logger and monitoring solutions manufacturing company


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