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Deep Learning EHR Application to Aid in Coronavirus Response

02 Apr 2020

The Novel Coronavirus is spreading across the world. Amid this pandemic, deep learning in the healthcare system helps track the virus spread and take further action. Rishabh Software can develop custom EHR applications that allow, detect, & fight the health epidemic of this nature.


With coronavirus, the year 2020 was off to a daunting start. It changed the day-to-day routines for most individuals and businesses across the world.

And, while the global economy is reeling under the stress of this pandemic, Machine Learning with EHR (Electronic Health Record) system could help significantly to combat such situations, with:

  • Collecting the patient data and study their patterns of infection
  • Enable doctors to classify the results into confirmed coronavirus, respiratory issues, or other diseases for proper medication.


Amid this disruption, Rishabh Software is helping build AI-enabled deep learning EHR applications for facilities to stay up and running and address such contagions that can arise in the future as well.

Deep Learning EHR Solution For Healthcare

Though, Why AI For EHR Systems?

According to a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report, AI & Big Data are playing a crucial role in response to the coronavirus outbreak in China.


The predictive statistical models help doctors to save critical time for disease control, which results in saving many lives over a period.


Such models include:

  • Consistent data-sets until the latest reports and represent patient records
  • Scalable to analyze Big Data and provide a straightforward outcome as possible
  • Accurate reporting to alert clinicians of the problems, but not creating false alarms

Scalable and Accurate Deep Learning for Electronic Health Records

It is all about the data.


Doctors, Government officials, and health agencies collate multiple data records of patients. It includes clues about symptoms, reports of the disease, provided treatment & its outcome, and more.


Therefore, the integration of deep learning models in electronic medical records solutions is a necessity today.


It helps to:

  1. Utilize such information and make a broad set of predictions related to the patient’s health
  2. Enable clinicians to provide additional diagnostic precision before the pathogenic test, especially when CT scans are not available enough

Let’s Partner For Deep Learning

Our models ease the process of extraction and cleaning of patient records to respond to any health crisis

Let us look at the core facets of our smart applications. And, how they can support with developing the right response for the coronavirus outbreak.

Advanced Analytics Tool

EHR Deep Learning Advanced Analytics Tool


  • Monitor demographics, medical history, comorbidity, CT scans, and other data related to patients
  • Mine a large amount of structured and unstructured data available online & filter it according to type
  • Generate real-time information to assess the virus spread patterns


Predictive Analytics

  • Leverage Machine Learning for prediction in electronic health data
  • Clinical analytics to compile millions of data into actionable insights
  • Assist researchers to analyze virus behavior, its structure, and possible cure
  • Track the treatment responses in confirmed cases & suggest diagnoses for suspected patients


Actionable Lists

  • Visualize & create actions on to-do items
  • Identify further steps through task-based action lists



  • Instant view of urgent challenges, such as abnormal lab reports
  • Avoid critical lapses with real-time, preference-based notifications

Patient Timeline

EHR Solution Patient Timeline


  • Capture & manage patient’s demographic information
  • Track & maintain most relevant, patient data


Lab Reports

  • Historic report access
  • In-app messaging to contact labs directly for pending test results


Vital Signs

  • Analyze the common symptoms about the diseases
  • View records about patients, including their health-related difficulties, medications, and more
  • Insights to offer immediate care without delay



  • Manage prescriptions with an updated list
  • Upload & maintain medication files
  • Identify counterfeit drugs & get alerts for recalled medicine using our Machine Learning-based EHR system



  • Get quick access to appointments, inpatient care, outpatient follow-up, and more

Admin Panel

Deep Learning EHR Solution Admin Panel

User Management

  • Role-based access to the system
  • Manage what the staff & patients can view/add in the app


Task Management

  • Stay connected to the pulse of clinical practices
  • Gauge work volume based on task priority



  • Get a holistic view all the current practices within the healthcare facility
  • Add/manage process workflow based on requirements


Apart from this, we implement all modules in the EHR Machine Learning-based application.


It includes, but not limited to

  • Patient Portal
  • Document Management
  • E-Prescribing
  • Facility Management
  • Reporting, and more


Besides, we help protect medical data using various security measures. It includes strict access control, logical separation, data encryption, and more.


Deep learning models continually evolve as they tap into various resources and process more data.


Not only epidemics like coronavirus but also all the other health-related issues can be managed better by leveraging such systems.


Rishabh Software helps organizations to develop and adopt right, real-world Machine Learning (ML)-based solutions. We build applications using scalable and accurate deep learning with electronic health records.


Through that, we support doctors & healthcare professionals to improve early diagnosis, isolation, and treatment. And, patients to get high-quality care.


Thus, contributing to the control of critical health situations.

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