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Functional Testing of Digital Ads Order Booking Solution [Case Study]

28 Jun 2022

Functional testing is one of the most widely used testing methods to assess the quality of the system’s business components. The functional tests substantiate and confirm that the developed system works following the client/business requirements. Like any other business, enterprises in the advertising industry are also looking to increase sales and for that they want their system to perform well. With a network of web & mobile applications acting as a critical component for end-customers to view, select and even submit the requirement – it is vital to conduct a thorough check of how the said systems behave. Here functional testing with a step-wise procedure would help ensure that the ad messaging is completely bug-free.

Learn how we helped a British DOOH company with Ad Tech platform development to set up robust QA processes to test varied modules for clients’ ad booking web applications to ensure their end customers have a flawless experience.

Project Overview

A UK-based digital out-of-home company was on the lookout for an experienced software testing partner to perform web application functional testing and help them examine the functionality of the ad content (including, image & video content) submission module. Used by the end customer, it would allow the end customers to view in real-time the campaign messaging to avoid costly pitfalls.


  • Limited/no formal documentation of test cases
  • No standard bug tracking tool
  • Manual methods for test case management with excel sheets to track the progress of test case execution and reporting


The client had an existing web booking app that serves as a content management system to store a multitude of ads. It would enable their end-customer to test the creatives across pre-defined requirements before submitting their ad requests. The scope of our functional testing service with test cases was to inspect how the creatives would perform across different scenarios while focusing on API Testing to get them to a stable point as this was the backbone of the app.

To ensure an error-free experience, our team developed a test strategy by defining the test scope, test types (categorized based on client experience), test cases (~14 to start with) time schedules with tools to be utilized. Further, with client recommendation, we even added various rules across location, region, time of the day & day of the week to test how the ads would play.

Digital Ads Booking Application Test Case Check
Digital Ads Order Booking Web Application Function Test Validation

To address all the requirements, we set up a sprint cycle & to ensure every need was properly met. Every new request was picked up from Jira and our development would code and perform tests on the same. We conducted multiple review cycles to ensure that there was no miss. This helped reduce production issues, thus saving on both cost and time for the client. Further, as an iterative step, our team revisited the test cases to map the future requirements for test cases and potential defects.


  • 100% bug fixes & reduction in verification time
  • 50% improvement in release cycles
  • 40% reduction in overall cost

Customer Profile

A UK-based Digital Out of Home Company


  • Automation testing – Selenium
  • Backend – REST API
  • Player log checking – Linux Server

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