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Drupal Based Appointment Scheduling Solution

12 Dec 2019

Appointments are an integral component of any business process, and it is across industry verticals. Be it for a business meeting, job interview, medical consultation, restaurant booking, or anything else. In the evolved technology world, an online appointment booking solution helps to reduce the wait times and improve front-office productivity.


Rishabh Software develops robust web-based appointment systems using Drupal and other modern technologies. We provide tailored solutions that ensure smooth & streamlined functioning of business processes across small companies to large enterprises with multiple locations.

Online Appointment Scheduling Solution Using Drupal

Our Drupal-Based Appointment Booking System Helps For An Excellent Scheduling Process

Whether you want an all-in-one Drupal-based solution or want to integrate an appointment scheduling platform in your existing Drupal mechanism, we got you covered.

Benefits of Drupal-Based Online Appointment Scheduling System

Leverage The Power Of Automated Scheduling

Our custom-made booking system empowers businesses to handle unlimited appointments, clients, and services in real-time.

Toward that, let’s look at how our web-based scheduling system assists users depending on their roles & authorization hierarchy.

Customer Panel

Customer Panel Of Drupal Appointment Booking Solution

Site visitors can view calendar and reservation availability, while only registered users can book through the online appointment scheduling software at their convenience.


  • Translate UI: We implement over 30 languages to provide multilingual support on your Drupal system. It allows visitors to use your website and application in their native language to get a personalized experience.
  • Appointment Booking: It allows real-time 24/7 self-booking for the available time-slots, which eliminates double booking issue. Once the appointment is booked, the user still has the option to either reschedule or cancel it as per the requirement.
  • Calendar: Users can view their upcoming appointments. They even have the option to synchronize their calendar with Gmail, Outlook, or other profiles to block their schedule.
  • Payments: It is more relevant for clinics, salons, and others, where the customers can choose either to pay online or at the location (depending on the available options). They can also store their card details for a faster payment in the future.
  • Settings: Users can manage their profile information, preferred payment method, subscriptions, notifications, and more.

Staff Panel

Staff Panel Of Drupal Appointment Booking Solution

Our web-based appointment scheduling software assists your staff in managing the unlimited number of clients, appointments, and services.


  • Appointment & Customer Management: The flexible layouts and calendar displays help the staff to manage bookings & handle client data quickly and without any mistake.
  • Workflows & Booking Rules: This module provides role-based access to your staff members. It helps to add/manage workflows, check workflow history, and set booking rules.
  • Form Management: Staff can add/modify client form-fields, upload files, and send them across devices. It makes the appointment process faster & smoother.
  • Reports: This module allows report generation across various facets such as appointments, client information, payments, revenue, and more for the selected date range.
  • Settings: Here, team members can manage their profiles, waitlists, set booking availability, create alerts, and more.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel Of Drupal Appointment Booking Solution

Our Drupal-based appointment scheduling solution makes it possible for admins to organize day-to-day appointments and other business processes from a single system.


  • Locations: This module allows you to manage multiple locations and offer appointments from a single account. Besides, you can use multiple-attendant slots to handle a group of clients at specific times.
  • Staff Management: You can add, view, and manage staff information, including their names, addresses, roles, and more from this module. Also, you can change the staff panel settings from here.
  • Client Information: You can manage customer information, including their name, address, appointment details, and more through this module easily. You can customize the fields so that the clients fill only the necessary information you want from them.
  • Calendar: We help you embed the scheduler across channels, including your website, application, social media profiles, to increase your visibility. You get real-time notifications for new appointment bookings and can check schedules from your device.
  • Email & Messaging: This module allows you to send email & message notifications to the clients for appointments, rescheduling, cancellation, and more. It is also possible to send push notifications on the users’ devices.
  • Settings: It allows you to add/manage services, packages, memberships, payment options, business hours, alerts, languages, restrict the view of the information, and change other settings.


An online appointment scheduler works 24/7 for you. It allows you to get relief from managing the tedious process of daily bookings and focus on other productive tasks to grow your business.


As an experienced Drupal web design company, Rishabh Software leverages Drupal and other advanced technologies to provide custom appointment software for small companies as well as large enterprises. We help you never to let a client fall through the cracks and miss a booking. As a result, you can achieve streamlined scheduling processes and increased revenue goals.

Get All-in-One Appointment Booking Software

Rishabh Software’s custom scheduling solution provides the right tools on your utility belt to manage your business end-to-end.