Custom Drupal Solution Developed to Manage Multiple Domains [CASE STUDY]

22 Feb. 2016 Case Studies

Managing a single website is easy, but managing a single database for multiple websites becomes a major pain point for web content management. We developed a custom Drupal portal to manage various fund raising websites for a global humanitarian organization. The solution was developed using Drupal 7, PHP and custom APIs to manage web content.


A leading humanitarian organization raised funds online through multiple websites where the sponsoring members registered for fund raising campaigns. Managing a single website is easy, but as the organization had multiple websites, content management became a major pain point. The client required a one-stop portal which could manage their fund raising campaign websites for US, UK, Germany, Australia, China & India. The solution had to address the technological hurdle of managing multiple websites with numerous databases, and ease the collaboration between stakeholders spread across various locations. The multisite management portal should be simple to navigate, easy for content updates, and integrate closely with the branding navigational flow to provide a seamless user experience for web & mobile.


  • Content management of multiple sites
  • User & database management
  • Campaign management & data migration
  • Lack of personalization, resulting in reduced engagement levels


Rishabh Software’s team used agile methodology to understand the needs of each user to architect the portal. The team collaborated with staff members, stakeholders, and website users to gather valuable insights on content priorities, design elements, work flows, user roles, and campaigns. Through custom Drupal development we created a centralized portal by migrating the data from multiple websites.

multi site management using Drupal

Drupal Multi-site Management Solution

The solution also used a standard internal MySQL database which was managed by custom modules developed in Drupal to dynamically render information. The module also maintained the content database and other data relevant to programs which acted as a critical part of providing information to users. Responsive websites were delivered using PHP technology. The solution was built in a planned phase manner to encourage efficiency, communication and collaboration among Board Members and staff through a unified content repository.

Business Benefits

  • Single portal to deliver the right information to the right people
  • Multiple campaign management
  • Better user experience with minimalistic navigation structure
  • High delivery of non-profit services to global users

Industry Segment

Digital Enterprise

Customer Profile

A leading humanitarian organization dedicated to tackling poverty and suffering in the world’s poorest countries. They provide sponsorship contribution for regional development programs like clean water, medical care, food, child education and disaster relief.

Technology and Tools

  • Drupal 7
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • MySQL
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