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Custom Module Development To Improve Drupal Commerce

20 Jan 2016

2017 is going to be the year of Drupal 8 and Commerce. Many organizations such as White House, Warner Brothers, PayPal, and Tesla have leveraged the power of Drupal with its modular framework. With the customization features, they have gained competitive edge by developing custom modules in Drupal. It has also helped small businesses to capture some of the eCommerce market through Drupal Commerce.


But many still wonder “What is Drupal?” The short answer is, “It is an open source web content management system that helps you to quickly and easily create websites right from a simple blog to a corporate site, a social networking site, or an eCommerce store.”


Custom Module Development in Drupal

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Being an open source platform, Drupal is backed by a strong community, which is constantly improving the platform and extending the functionality of the core Drupal platform by creating new and exciting add-on modules. What you can build with Drupal is only limited by your imagination.


Being an experienced web application development company or an individual developer, getting hands-on with Drupal might not be like learning a completely new technology but still, there will be some bumps and hurdles that you will face initially. Drupal has a standardized approach, but requires customization in developing modules to match your business model. One of the major custom modules used in Drupal Commerce is called Goodie Bag Block. In this custom Drupal module development, we used a custom Drupal 7 module to extend the default shopping capabilities of Drupal Commerce. It is useful for merchants/vendors who supply/sell custom bags or items. This module will allow your potential site visitors to create/customize goodie bags and order at a specific amount.


Goodie bag module is created in Drupal commerce as goodie bag block. In this block you can add multiple products and then update your bag quantity.

Goodie bag block contains the following data:

  • Product name with price
  • Total bag quantity
  • Price per bag
  • Total order

Custom Drupal Module Features

  • You can add multiple products in single bag
  • You can add multiple quantities of bags
  • You can implement this block with views as well. For e.g. when you display your all products and click on add to cart button for any product, the related product information will be stored in the goodie bag

How to use the Custom Module?

  • Copy the entire drupal_commerce_goodie_bag directory the Drupal sites/all/modules/custom directory
  • Login as an administrator, enable the module in the “Administer” -> “Modules”
  • Go to Admin -> config and click on Goodie bag configuration link then add default quantity value

In a relatively short span, Drupal has had a tremendous impact on businesses. As a web content management system (CMS), Drupal has enabled the creation of feature and content-rich websites for organizations large and small with its custom modules. Drupal as a web application framework is changing the way people think about web application development.


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