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HERS Rating Software Development For A Real Estate Company [Case Study]

03 Dec 2020

Organizations need a streamlined approach to handle permit management requirements with a dedicated Home Energy Rating System (HERS). It helps improve communication between schedulers, individuals, permitting agencies and more. HERS rater software with a unified view helps manage to decrease energy costs and increase savings. Learn how we helped North America-based client modernize their legacy system with a custom app.

Project Overview

Our client specializes in full-service permit & HERS testing. They provide a paperless system to manage the third party inspection & compliance needs of customers. The need was to re-engineer their existing web app to manage their field workforce. It would enable them to schedule and track their jobs effectively.

Rishabh Software helped modernize the HERS compliance software with a new interface & enhanced features. We then created an intuitive mobile app while eliminating the redundant data entry points.


  • Poor user experience resulted in low reach and engagement
  • Inaccurate reporting and tracking of service requests
  • Manual billing and invoicing for completed tasks
  • Data integration challenges with third party document submission tools


We followed a sprint-based implementation approach to re-engineer the HERS permit software.

The essential modules include:

UI/UX Modernization

  • New & responsive design
  • Calendar planning & scheduling
Modernization of HERS verification software

Feature Enhancement

  • Interactive dashboards – availability showcase
  • Customer portal solution
  • Electronic document submission to 3rd party system
  • QuickBooks integration – customer & invoice records
  • Address verification API integration
  • Geo-fence based tracking and notification

Field Workforce Management – Mobile App

  • Field worker mobile app
  • Job Management – scheduling & dispatching
  • Automated billing & invoices
  • Route planning, optimization & suggestion
HERS rating software development with field worker mobile app


  • 100% automation of permit tracking and management
  • Centralized system to visualize workforce & job allocation
  • 4x faster upload of permit data in PDF or image format
  • 24 to 72 hours max response time for permit

Customer Profile

US-based Real Estate Company


  • PHP
  • Symphony
  • Xamarin
  • C#
  • HTML and CSS

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