Integrating Sales Process with MS Dynamics 365
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Sales Process Reengineering using Dynamics 365 for Food Industry [Case Study]

19 Mar 2020

Learn how Rishabh Software helped a US-based food business by integrating their sales process with Dynamics 365. Also, how the solution enabled the customer to leverage new opportunities while boosting profits.

Enterprises in the food & beverage industry deal with evolving customer demands while aligning their core business functions. And, Dynamics 365 for sales process management, helps to improve lead generation, complaint management, and other operations.


Besides, it enables the staff with a 360° view of the prospects and masters the strategic sales actions.


Read on as we present how Rishabh Software helped a US-based customer in the bakery business with sales process reengineering using Dynamics 365.

Integrating Sales Process with MS Dynamics 365

Project Overview

Our customer wanted to achieve maximum productivity with the automation of mundane tasks. A smooth workflow would not let any of the customer orders fall through the cracks.


They wish to:

  1. Improve the existing manual data integration process
  2. Streamline lead management with a user-friendly case/complaint creation


  • No centralized platform to manage business data
  • Lack of visibility into the ongoing and historical issues of users
  • Lack of proactive customer service and support
  • Poor lead tracking & management
  • Arduous manual process for follow-up leading to customer dissatisfaction

Seek Improved Business Agility?

Rishabh Software offers sales business process reengineering solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to streamline business processes across the board.

Our Solution

Rishabh Software spent time understanding the various nuances of customer’s business operations.


Accordingly, with our Dynamics 365 development services focus we modernized their existing web & mobile-based sales platforms.


The deliverables include:


Customer Interface (Front End Modernization)

  • Seamless flow of sales data, such as lead information, items, orders, and more into Dynamics CRM
  • Automated communication and faster data access with a mobile app


API Integration

  • Smooth information exchange for lead generation & management, subscription, case/compliant creation, and more

Business Benefits Post Integrating Sales Process with Dynamics 365

  • Centralized customer database
  • Automation of mundane tasks enables the staff to focus on more productive work
  • Better visibility to lead management with quick access using a mobile interface
  • Save time & efforts on doing customer follow-ups
  • Streamlined support ticket management with automated alerts


To conclude, Rishabh Software helped to increase the opportunity velocity with more visibility into leads, orders, invoices, and other facets.


Today, the enterprise customer efficiently manages transactions of CRM data. It results in a better lead/account/contact management with a boost in sales and business operations.

Customer Profile

US-based Wholesale Bakery Serving to Northeast Region

Technology And Tools

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • C#
  • Microsoft .NET
  • AWS
  • REST API for Web Lead integration

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