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Re-engineering Of Portfolio Management Portal For Effective Decision Making [Case Study]

25 Nov 2021

The wealth management world is fast evolving with a dire need for financial planning & portfolio management firms to offer a holistic digital experience. To succeed they must leverage technology and data efficiently to boost customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and control costs. The first step to drive transformation starts with the reengineering of legacy systems. This must include the use of the right technology without compromising operations, financial risk, or compliance regulations.

Learn how Rishabh helped a wealth management firm modernize its professional portal to drive administrative efficiency gains, reduce operational risk & enhance client satisfaction. The transformed solution offers an end-to-end view of all of the connected apps & data sources with efficient management of admin tasks that helped reduce their IT cycle time by almost 20%.

Project Overview

A US-based financial planning and wealth management firm that managed $8 billion in assets served individuals, trusts, estates and corporations. Their existing portal had a disconnected architecture, which was making it challenging to handle an incredible volume of administrative tasks. Initiating the wealth management portal modernization with an API-first integration strategy, our team connected their existing apps and disparate data sources while leveraging the scalability of cloud technology.

Team Rishabh re-engineered the legacy portfolio management portal with a unified repository that helps successfully manage an incredible volume of administrative tasks seamlessly. Further, the system supports portfolio and investment management professionals to stay on top of the most relevant data, drill down into details in real-time, and deliver higher value to end clients.


  • Disparate workflows, resulting in less productivity and profitability
  • An overlap in front, middle & back-office systems with duplicate capabilities
  • Lack of end-to-end integration across systems
  • Inability to offer a holistic digital experience to stakeholders
  • Slow-moving IT and a disconnected architecture
  • Complex manual and legacy systems cause issues in handling a high volume of admin work


We evaluated the existing scenario and estimated the risks and then offered to modernize the portfolio management website. This platform today is the single source of truth for the company, removing any possibility of duplicate or out-of-date data. It helps manage the full range of administrative services offered. The admin user in the revamped solution has the access, control and power to enforce unique protocols for different parts of the portal and the wider team, based on their roles, the data access clearance, and the settings they can work with.

Modernized Wealth Management Portal Reports

The modernization journey involved the following activities:

Re-engineering Investment Management Portal Dashboard
  • Integrating the portfolio management component into a centralized repository with robust access control
  • Dockerizing the existing solution to develop modules for decentralizing packages & dividing tasks into stand-alone apps that can collaborate
  • Adding new applications and making provisions for more apps by transforming the existing backend code into micro-services using loopback framework
  • Enhancing functionalities for efficient management, review & analysis of all investor documents
  • Integrating a user management module that allows secure control of certain parts of the portal that can be accessed by the wider team


  • 30% improvement in back-office productivity
  • 100% enhancement in responsiveness to changing market conditions
  • 360-degree view of the portfolios under management

Customer Profile

A US-based Financial Planning and Wealth Management firm


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