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Legacy App Modernization for Littering Offense Ticketing System [Case Study]

20 Oct 2020

Littering is a serious threat to the environment. It is now a bigger concern across many countries. As part of the local authority support, officers are responsible to collect fines from offenders. However, with a manual system in place and no real-time information about an offense, officials are not able to issue tickets immediately.

Learn how we helped a Europe-based client modernize their legacy system with a litter fine ticket app.

Project Overview

Our client is one of the largest providers of ticketing and fines. They cover all littering offenses from dog fouling to inappropriate disposal of cigarette butts. They wanted a littering violation ticket app to allow authorized officers to submit information of a litter through an online portal. It would also help them collect fines from the offenders.

Rishabh Software analyzed the problems with the existing system. We then created an integrated smart mobile app. We redesigned the old interface while allowing their current devices and mobile apps to interact with each other over an intuitive software platform.


  • Syncing and duplication issues with their existing device
  • No internal collaboration of application
  • No proper visibility of operations with FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice) issued based on location, employee number and offender details
  • No encryption-based data transfer with payment gateway integration


Our team simplified and presented the visuals to help increase functionality and improve user experience. We also realized how the app would be ineffective without an equally functional online portal. For the same, we developed a highly responsive solution. It would allow officers to properly record, submit and manage offenses by integrating payment and correction all in one single system.

Littering Ticket App Modernization

As we went through the plan and designed the architecture of the app, we learned that the administration portal also needed a shift from the old provider to a new environment. We then had to map it within the overall project timeline.

The interface we developed could manage high volume of usage and promised a smooth transition from the legacy system. Once the app was modernized, we developed a littering ticket solution that was user-friendly, easier to maintain and provided timely updates. It was an agile and cost-effective solution that the officials could use.

Littering Offense Ticketing System Modernization

Innovation-Led Benefits:

  • New functionality in the legacy app
  • For officers on the go, we developed a sync mechanism to access data both online and offline
  • Data-driven analytics for different on-demand reporting
  • End-to-end encryption of data
  • Reduced overall legacy app modernization cost

By understanding the legacy system better, we provided continuous support and developed new features and functionality to improve the whole process.

Customer Profile

A Europe-based largest provider of ticketing and fines collection services


  • Android
  • Dot Net
  • SQLite

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