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.NET Development Services

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we support you in developing & modernize .NET-based software solutions.

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Dot Net Development Company

Experienced .NET development company that caters to your needs

Offering a complete suite of software development services for your mobile & web applications using .NET technology.

We support businesses of types, from a startup to small-sized companies & large enterprises. With our ASP.NET web development services, we deliver robust, user-centric software applications. It would include – web applications, IoT apps, cloud applications & cross-platform apps.

Our dot net web development services include industry-recognized platforms & frameworks, including ASP.NET, .NET Core, Xamarin, SharePoint & other Microsoft products. We have helped develop software products of varied complexities. Some of them would include – applications that needed multiple integrations, data-intensive applications & more. Rishabh’s .NET development team incorporates Microsoft’s coding best practices & adheres to .NET guidelines for code documentation & code portability.

Build Robust Applications with an Experienced ASP.NET Development Company

Our developers have hands-on experience designing architecture patterns for the backend – microservices, multi-tenancy, headless (Decoupled), serverless and more. And, for front-end – Progressive Web App (PWA), Single Page App (SPA), Model View Controllers (MVC), Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) and more. We enable you to choose between multi-tier, microservices, and cloud-based architecture types that match your business needs.

We are well versed in the .NET unification plan that started with .NET 5. Our development utilizes the current .NET ecosystem’s SDKs, base libraries, and runtime environment to develop mobile, web, IoT, and cloud applications. Our .NET developers have the technical knowledge to design and develop applications for different industries and sectors, including Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Fintech, Retail and more.

Services We Offer

Our team utilizes the .NET development framework to create different types of applications using multiple libraries & editors. As an ASP.NET development company, we have been helping businesses like yours for the past two decades.

.NET Enterprise Development

.NET Enterprise Development

As a .NET software development company, we build enterprise-grade cloud-based and secure SaaS solutions, mobile apps & enterprise web applications. We conduct a detailed analysis of your business processes and suggest the architecture best suits your enterprise’s development needs (multi-tier, cloud-native, or microservices). We follow .NET best practices, like Graphical User Interface (GUI) apps and Windows Smart Client apps. We build feature-rich, cloud-based, secure applications that interact with other IT solutions in your enterprise.

  • Windows & web app development for reliable & scalable IT solutions that meet the needs of enterprises
  • .NET Core solutions for complex projects requiring cross-platform compatibility
  • Software product development using .NET for new solutions with added value & features

.NET CMS Solutions

.NET CMS Solutions

Our team helps develop custom .NET Content Management Systems (CMS) & solutions. We help simplify website and app content design, distribution, and performance. Our team utilizes the Orchid Core CMS Framework to build your custom CMS Web App. Our team integrates distributed channels, marketplaces, portals & e-commerce platforms using SharePoint.

  • Ecommerce website development to streamline business operations, increase flexibility & enhance customer experience
  • Intranet & portals that are feature-rich, engaging, high-performance, and tailored to meet your business needs
  • Websites & community sites to build online presence & effectively interact with its audiences/ users

.NET Integrations

.NET Integrations

We help seamlessly integrate business ecosystems with payment gateways, backend apps, and custom modules of ERP & CRM systems. Our team has a hands-on working knowledge of Microsoft BizTalk & its capabilities to enable on-premises enterprise application integration. We offer integration with backend databases, active & process applications, and platform integration through Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) or web services.

  • Third-party integrations to your software help quickly enhance its functionality & customer experience
  • API development tailored to meet your needs concerning functions, performance & access to a specific audience

.NET Migration

.NET Migration

As an ASP.NET development service company, we help you migrate legacy applications while retaining their functionalities & controls. We upgrade technologies incompatible with .NET Core while ensuring that all necessary dependencies, including APIs, work well. Our team supports migrating platform-specific (native) and 3rd-party libraries to NET.Core. Our seasoned Microsoft technology consultants help you modernize code to remodel your application with improved functionality. They perform checks for application compatibility & accessibility before migration and manage related dependencies on APIs and others.

  • Migration of Legacy Application to ASP.NET Core
  • Migrating on-premises app to the cloud
  • .NET Framework To .NET Core
  • ASP.NET to .NET/ ASP.NET Core Migration
  • Migration from desktop to the web-based application
  • Migration from web-based to mobile application

.NET Cloud Application Development

.NET Cloud Application Development

Our .NET development services include the creation, hosting, deployment & management of native & SaaS apps. We utilize Azure and leverage services like Azure Blob & Azure Table Storage and SQL database with stream analytics to build multi-tenant cloud applications. We can help you deploy custom, fast & scalable cloud-based solutions powered with data analytics.

  • Cloud-Native web app & SaaS portal development for a secure, user-friendly & high-performance digital ecosystem
  • Azure development to build apps while taking advantage of the cloud infrastructure & cloud computing

.NET Mobile App Development

.NET Mobile App Development

We build native or cross-platform apps with Xamarin/.NET MAUI (evolution of the Xamarin.Forms toolkit) and C#. Our .NET developers utilize specific tools and libraries to build Android, iOS and macOS apps. We use the 60+ cross-platform APIs offered by Xamarin/.NET MAUI to access native device features. It would include GPS/geolocation; isolated storage; sensors (accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope); battery and network states; camera, and more. Further, we utilize ASP.NET Core as the API backend to support the native mobile apps. We also use Angular or React Native for rich front-end client-end UI.

  • iOS & Android mobile apps with native development to leverage the benefits & functionalities of each platform
  • Cross-platform app development using Xamarin to attain time & cost efficiencies while reaching a wider audience

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Leverage our .NET development capabilities to build your custom software solution


Why choose our .NET and ASP.NET development services

As an ASP.NET application development company, we have completed complex projects for companies like yours to overcome their IT challenges. Our team focuses on creating reliable, secure, scalable, feature-rich & high-performance software solutions.

Develop Custom .NET Solutions with Rishabh Software
High .NET Proficiency

High .NET Proficiency

Our highly-skilled Microsoft-certified engineers have extensive experience building custom .NET applications across various business domains.
Full-cycle Development

Full-cycle Development

We specialize in providing end-to-end .NET software development services from needs analysis & design to deployment, ongoing support & optimization.
Microsoft Exposure

Microsoft Exposure

Our certified developers have the working knowledge of Microsoft suite, including the latest .NET ecosystem, to build future-ready software solutions.
Delivery Experience

Delivery Experience

Our team utilizes a plethora of .NET development techniques, such as scaled agile & scrum frameworks depending on the project needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you migrate my legacy .NET software into .NET Core?

    Yes, we can. Migrating an existing app to .NET Core is necessary for multiple reasons:

    • Testable architecture
    • To make coding page-focused scenarios easy and more productive through Razor pages
    • Flexibility to use C# in the browser alongside JavaScript and share server-side and client-side app logic written with .NET
    • Ability to develop and run on Windows, macOS, and Linux
    • Integration of modern, client-side frameworks and development workflows
    • Support for hosting Remote Procedure Call (RPC) services using gRPC, a cloud-ready, environment-based configuration system
    • Built-in dependency injection
    • A lightweight, high-performance, and modular HTTP request pipeline
    • Our professional ASP.NET core development team can help you expedite the transition effortlessly.
    Why should you opt for ASP.NET development services for your enterprise application?

    With .NET Core as a platform, you can develop web, desktop & mobile applications, including cloud-native, Internet of Things (IoT). It is highly robust and can yield better performance with security. And, hence we recommend ASP.NET core development for your enterprise needs.

    Are ASP.NET websites mobile friendly?

    Yes. Our .NET web application development services can help you create responsive and intuitive applications using ASP.NET that work well on almost all devices.

    What is your .NET development process?

    As a .NET development company with two decades of experience, we have a streamlined & systematic .NET development process. It ensures that we deliver high-quality software on time that meets our client’s requirements. It includes:

    • .NET Consulting– We provide technical consultation to ensure it meets needs assessment, idea feasibility & project planning.
    • Custom Design– We plan the architecture of your IT solution & decide on the technology stack as per your preferences & existing IT infrastructure to provide sustainable & adaptable software.
    • Rapid Development- Using the most appropriate frameworks, libraries, APIs & 3rd party integrations & customizations, we carry out agile development with shorter lead times.
    • QA & Support- Our stringent quality testing processes & robust deployment procedure ensure that we deliver on time. We provide post-launch support to ensure that your software functions smoothly.