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Miscue Analysis Mobile Solution for Improving Reading Comprehension [CASE STUDY]

28 Mar 2016

Miscue analysis is a tool for closely looking at the types of reading strategies a reader uses. A scalable mobile solution was built for an educational institute to streamline miscue analysis. This mobile ready solution was built for teachers looking for a faster, more meaningful way to assess reading fluency. Lexis & Semantics framework were implemented in the custom solution to simplify the assessment process. The custom solution was built using Titanium cross-platform mobile application development.


Reading, writing and listening are the basic skills required to understand a language. A teacher’s role is to simplify the learning process for students learning a particular language. And the educational development of teachers is effective only when it results in improved opportunities for students to learn. Miscue analysis was required for our enterprise client providing educational services in US. They required a custom solution built for the teachers to identify errors made while reading by the students and streamline assessment process in a more meaningful way. The solution should adhere to Lexis framework for identifying graphophonetic errors, syntactic errors and semantic errors. The mobile solution should help the students to learn the language from inside out through pervasive re-ordering and restructuring. Apart from being scalable, the solution should provide detailed analysis including miscues, accuracy, correct words per minute, and should be mobile friendly.


  • Understanding Lexis & Semantics framework
  • Standardizing the assessment process
  • Identifying & marking miscue errors
  • Lack of student engagement with complex workflows


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Rishabh Software, a cross platform mobile app development company, developed the customized miscue analysis mobile solution using Titanium to support iOS & Android. The development focus was emphasized on implementing Lexis framework to identify student skill deficit patterns and streamline the assessment process with required inputs from tutors. Additional features like marking errors, voice recording, visual capture & annotations and adding custom texts were delivered in the mobile solution. Content algorithms were developed to match the verbal & visual content in real-time for students, which provided new insights for teachers and a new basis for developmental and remedial instructions.


Miscue Analysis Mobile Application Solution


The custom miscue analysis solution helped the teachers to identify an appropriate reading level for the student that revealed how well a student is self-monitoring their reading and identifying which reading strategies a student is using (or not using). The solution was built in a planned phase manner, starting with a “Proof of Concept” to test and validate market acceptance of the proposed concept to developing the final mobile ready solution.

Business Benefits

  • Identify appropriate reading level of students
  • Standardized assessment process with detailed reports
  • Better user experience with minimalistic workflows & navigation structure
  • Scalable solution to cater large group of students

Industry Segment

  • Education

Customer Profile

  • An educational institute helping students to improve vocabulary skills, operating across multiple states in US.

Technology and Tools

  • Titanium
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

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