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Mobile and Web Services Automation Testing using Selenium Webdriver [CASE STUDY]

20 Sep 2017

Open Source Innovation and platforms have been constantly creating news over a period of time. Today enterprises of all shapes and sizes are considering Open Source for development and exploring various testing needs.


Test Automation increases the repeatability of tests, which further enhances testing efficiency. Our client wanted to leverage Selenium for improving accuracy, enhancing test coverage within shorter timelines, and eventually achieve cost efficiency. Rishabh Software implemented a test automation solution by leveraging Selenium and integrating web services.


Selenium Web Application Testing

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How to automate mobile app testing using Selenium, was the challenge faced by our client working in outdoor advertising. Other challenges faced were to improve time to market for each feature and releases of its enterprise product. The core application developed was evolving day by day and had multiple version releases every week with new features and change in current features. Due to multiple product changes, there was a high risk involved to solve the new and existing issues found in the working functionalities. Sanity testing was not the right approach for testing the product. To ensure delivery of rapid and smooth releases without major impacts in existing product, the client was looking for a reliable Automation testing provider. Rishabh Software was appointed as their QA, testing & software development partner based on the testing & mobility expertise, various skill set, and vast experience in building Automation testing solutions.


  • High script maintenance
  • Poor/ Variable response times
  • Manual testing of multiple releases
  • Lack of automation framework to execute testing


The testing team at Rishabh Software studied the client’s existing system & release model. One of the key observation made was that a hybrid testing framework was required to build using Selenium and execute automated testing for the mobile & web applications.


The client requirement and the current workflow followed was


  • Design the automation framework for web & mobile application
  • Selenium web driver was used to create scripts for front end application
  • The client was using git as central repository all the scripts were to be linked to the repository for future reference
  • Create automated job for scheduling to execute some test cases every day


We implemented the testing framework which delivered Page object model approach to maximize reusability, data driven approach to test functionality with different sets of data, custom HTML reporting with both web and spreadsheet format, automatic email delivery of execution report on completion, TestNG framework for test suite execution, parallel execution and integration with Jenkins and a cloud based testing for mobile (using Test object) for parallel execution of test suite on multiple devices.

Business Benefits

  • 800+ Test cases, which includes 200+ closed live issues, executed in minutes through automated testing solution
  • Test Object for testing mobile application on cloud and parallel testing on cloud
  • Executed automation test scripts without any human intervention, with improved test result and reporting mechanism
  • Improved Quality of Service (QoS) by providing better services through automation

Industry Segment

Digital Enterprise

Customer Profile

A leading outdoor advertising company in the world serving global brands and specializes in advertising street furniture, large format billboards and advertising on public transport.

Technology and Tools

  • Selenium Web Driver
  • Z-Cron
  • TestNG
  • Appium
  • Android
  • iOS


Rishabh Software offers testing solutions in various industry verticals with the support of latest tools and technologies. Our testing team believes in process-centric approach and innovations. We have tested many software applications and have ensured their launch success.

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