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Mobile App Development for The Insurance Industry

21 Jan 2020

Mobile applications have emerged as the game-changer for every domain, and the insurance sector is no exception. Mobile apps in the insurance industry bridge the gap between the insurer and policyholder through seamless and swift solutions. It allows the policyholders to have on-the-go access to their insurance details, and further enable the insurance agents to increase productivity by closing the opportunities faster.


Rishabh Software supports organizations in the BFSI domain with multi-purpose mobile app development services. Our developed insurance mobile applications enable raising the level of customer services, reduce operational costs, and gain maximum ROI.

Mobile Apps Solution For Insurance Industry

Mobile App Development for Insurance – A Necessity Rather Than a Choice

A mobile app eliminates the need to use traditional channels, where agents and brokers directly reached out to target customers. Even business leaders acknowledge the need to integrate mobile application technology into their insurance industry operations.

Seek Reliable Insurance App Integration?

Our team helps connect your app idea with a profitable business application using the right tools and technologies

An ideal insurance mobile app development solution will cover below mentioned categories:

  • Life Insurance
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Travel Insurance


As part of it, Let’s look at some of the essential facets of our robust insurance mobile app.

Customer Panel

Insurance Mobile App Customer Panel

It allows the customers to get an easy-to-use self-service interface with below capabilities:

  • Manage Profile: Users can manage their data, including contact details, current insurance documents, submitted claims, and more through this module.
  • Policy Management: It displays the digital version of the insurance details, past payments, and other policy-related data. Besides, it allows policyholders to use the insurance mobile app features to search other available policies, get quotes, and opt-in for policies that suits their budget and interest.
  • Premium Payment: With an integrated payment gateway, this module allows the insurers to pay their premiums through available methods. Here, they can even set instructions for automated payments and reminders for the upcoming premium payments.
  • Claim Management: Customers can submit and track their claims on a real-time basis through this module. For instance, in cases such as an accident or a house robbery, they can take a photo and upload it with the required documents to the app quickly.
  • Help & Support: We enable the in-app calling feature and live chat support in the insurance mobile application. It allows the customers to connect with service staff for their queries related to the policies, premiums, claims, and more.


Apart from this, we implement other features, including advanced search, ID scanning, online signature capture, one-touch emergency assistance, service center locator, and more.

Admin Panel

Insurance App Admin Panel

An integrated component of insurance app development services, we offer a secure admin panel that provides a 360° view of your business through a live dashboard. Besides, it allows you to add & modify app functionalities instantly.


  • Manage Users: Here, you can view, add, and manage the agent & customer profiles as well as corporate personal details. Further, role-based access to users allows them avail different features of insurance mobile app.
  • Document Repository: The module allows upload, storage, and management of electronic versions of documents related to registration forms, policies, claim settlements, and more.
  • Policy & Claim Management: Admin users can set and customize policy information for individuals, enterprises, corporates, and groups. They can even manage policy workflows, keep a check on cancellation & renewals, policy laps processes, claim assessment & processing, and more.
  • Manage Payment: It will allow setting up of commissions for agents/brokers, manage recurring billing for customers, and generate instant payment receipts. We even help implement a variety of payment methodologies to enable payment through net banking, credit/debit cards, or mobile wallets by users.
  • Reporting: We integrate third-party systems such as CRM, ERP, and more in this module. Therefore, it allows easy generation & download of custom reports related to company performance, region-wise breakup of reporting, customer profiling, and more.


Besides, we implement other admin-side modules as part of our insurance mobile app development focus. It includes offers & notification management, alerts & push notifications, geolocation management, insurance telematics, appointment scheduling, and more.

Apart from this, our custom mobile app enables the agents and brokers to streamline the insurance process workflow by helping them to:

  1. Engage in a real-time insurance policy and claim management approach and benefits that meets the customers’ expectations.
  2. Easier walkthrough of the information related to new and revised insurance programs, policy rules, and more with advanced analytics.
  3. Monitor the claim status and provide quick assistance to the customers using their smartphones.
  4. Reduce the paperwork and achieve better document management by speeding up the process for everyone.


Mobility will undoubtedly drive the future of the insurance business. We expect mobile devices to govern almost all of the financial transactions for this BFSI vertical.


Rishabh Software, is your reliable mobile app development company, to develop custom mobile apps by covering the global insurance ecosystem. Also, we assist in enabling AI features such as chatbots, speech to text components, voice analyzers, and more in the insurance app to drive higher app adoption rates.

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