Mobile App Development for the Insurance Industry

13 Nov. 2013 Mobile App

Constant access and mobility is what keeps an insurance firm running. From apps that can help calculate premiums, fill in customer’s forms quickly, access records and policies, review insurance claims and secure sensitive client documents.

The Insurance industry needs to be on its toes while having access to everything on the go. Insurance mobile app development helps this industry to effectively do all these activities and achieve superior performance.

Business Need for Mobile App in Insurance Industry

The basic need for any industry is information access and tracking, communication with clients, collaboration between employees and reducing costs.

Insurance Mobile App Development


A mobile application in the insurance industry should help you achieve the following:

  • Make data available 24 x 7 and process claims faster
  • Quick go-through of policies ensuring great client-conversion
  • Get real time stats and alerts for improved workflow
  • Improve communication with clients and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Agency lists and contact

Other than acting as the first point of contact, a lot of insurance companies would also want to develop an app for their customers so that they could:

  • Act on alerts sent to them for policy renewal and premium payment
  • Make payments on premiums
  • Use an app as an instant proof of policy status
  • Submit and track the status of claim
  • Direct accident report submission
  • Instant contact with local help in case of accident / emergency

Our past expertise in developing an android app for our clients in the insurance industry, we’ve learnt the importance of customer engagement through these apps. These apps are designed to streamline operations and provide value-added services to customers.

From getting timely notifications for premium payment through to injury / accident report and online claim application, every need of an insurance client is taken care of. With the help of the insurance android app that we developed, our client wanted to bring real time information and help to its customers eventually building a strong brand for themselves.

Our research team worked tirelessly to find out everything about the insurance industry, its clients and their needs. Our smartphone app development team worked in sync with the research team to ensure all these needs are met and the end result is a feature-filled, functional and yet simple insurance android application.

If you are looking to develop an application suitable to your line of business / industry, we will help you do a thorough research and develop a unique app tailored to your needs. Call us on 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or contact us here to find out more our industry-specific app development services.

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