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Ecommerce Multichannel Solutions for Online Retail Business Management

15 Jul 2020

A multichannel eCommerce software helps retailers penetrate an extensive customer base and increase sales by reinforcing their brand presence on different platforms. It connects the dots between managing inventory, order fulfillment, product content optimization, CRM, and other business operations. Rishabh Software helps eCommerce businesses with custom solutions to scale their operations by leveraging B2C & B2B channels and address the changing customer requirements.

The fast-growing eCommerce industry is encouraging companies to reinvent their strategies to address a broad customer reach and increase traffic.

Businesses are on the lookout for a single platform that helps them effectively manage products and services.   And, a custom eCommerce management system puts your brand in front of a global audience via,

  1. Multiple marketplace integrations
  2. Smoothening end-to-end eCommerce operations
  3. Vendor & customer relationship management
  4. Advanced analytics into various business aspects

Rishabh Software helps streamline the product showcase and accelerate customer engagement with scalable eCommerce solutions. We also integrate marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more that create new opportunities for your online business.

End-to-End eCommerce Management with Multichannel Retailing

We help offer total control over the large volume of order & inventory. With our diverse approach, we cover strategy implementation, application development, and content management for an eCommerce store, with POS integration that eases business operations. It puts the customer at the forefront of every interaction as shopper’s transition across multiple devices, and from online to offline interactions.

Let us look at the essential modules and features of our multichannel eCommerce software platform

Inventory Management

The module effectively manages your inventory online.

Its core features include,

Multi-channel eCommerce Inventory Management

  • Create/manage seller profiles for various platforms
  • Manage stocks for all marketplaces and define inventory re-order rules for warehouses from a single dashboard
  • List your inventory on multiple seller portals with automatic, accurate synchronization of products, bundled items, and other components

Tracking of Manufactured Items

  • Monitor status & costs of manufactured products by creating work orders
  • Get real-time inventory updates from various integrated platforms such as Magento, Shopify, or BigCommerce
  • Download & import product details from all sales channels by a single click
Multichannel eCommerce Inventory Management

Turbocharge Your Multi-Channel Digital Commerce Business

Expand & gain control of your business over various sales channels and increase revenue using our robust inventory control & order management systems.

eCommerce Order Management

Order Management

Effectively handle customer orders from integrated sales channels using the eCommerce order management software module.

It enables you to,

Consolidate Orders from Different Sales Channels

  • Centralized system to view/edit orders, print shipping labels, packing slips, and lists without logging into each sales channel
  • Define rules to route requests to suppliers or third-party fulfillment partners automatically
  • Set automated notifications for order status & tracking

Streamline Order Fulfilment Process for Multiple Warehouses

  • Import order details by creating automated feed using APIs
  • Create a workflow for automatically transforming orders from one warehouse to another in case of sold-out items
  • Generate invoices, labels, and tracking numbers with complete order details

Vendor Management

A dedicated dashboard of the multichannel eCommerce software allows vendors to register quickly and manage their product catalog with swift data maintenance.

It also helps to,

Manage Profiles

  • Upload/Manage vendor profiles along with their biographical information, product niche, and other data
  • Set-up custom priorities to sell items from multiple suppliers based on location, prices, and availability
  • Connect seamlessly with shipping carriers, virtual marketplaces, POS systems, and other platforms

Update Product Price & Quantities to the Marketplace

  • Add/Modify your selling price for specific products with an automatic update of vendor costs
  • Publish full product catalogs, define workflows, and track inventory
  • Set notifications to get alerts for any price or quantity change on any marketplace
Vendor Management for Omni-channel eCommerce Solution
eCommerce Management System - CRM Module

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Our eCommerce multichannel solution offers vital enterprise-level insights to bring brands to life and create meaningful customer experiences.

It is with;

Customer Management

  • Enter, store, and manage prospect and customer details
  • Enable multilingual, multicurrency support on the eCommerce website & application
  • Track previous communications and respond to customer queries, feedback via in-built chat, email, or calling features
  • Create business-specific workflows and use integrated tools to manage marketing campaigns

Controlling Logistics & Returns

  • Manage a pool of shipping providers by prioritizing the shipment and selecting courier partner based on the customer location
  • Set rules for customer-initiated returns and direct courier returns to establish a better vendor-customer relationship

What’s More?

Our custom eCommerce website development services encompass,

  1. Product Content Optimization – Reliable product information across customer touchpoints
  2. Data Analytics – Leverage advanced analytics reporting with various data visualization options and trend prediction to make informed decisions
  3. Marketplace Payment Reconciliation – Easily track policies, fees, cancellations, and deductions amid the frequently changing eCommerce marketplace rules


A multichannel eCommerce management software offers numerous benefits, from building a substantial online presence to creating an immersive brand experience for customers.

Rishabh Software provides retail software development services that help you scale your eCommerce business profitably.

Ready to Fuel eCommerce Growth?

Put your business operations on the growth map and create an immersive brand experience in a hyper-connected retail environment with our all-inclusive eCommerce management services.