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News Portal Website Development Using Drupal

24 Oct 2019

News occupies a vital part of people’s routine today. And, the proliferation of the internet, followed by a surge in mobile devices, has significantly increased the number of users with digital readership. A reliable technology partner can help develop intuitive news portal that has the potential to showcase the latest updates across domains. It could cover industry stories, interviews with industry experts, current affairs, and much more.


Rishabh Software builds feature-rich news portal websites & applications using Drupal and other modern technologies. As an experienced Drupal web development company, we offer robust, responsive, and scalable online solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Though, Why We Prefer Drupal For A News Portal Development?

Drupal is a PHP based platform that offers secure and safe website management. It can handle enormous traffic on the website without affecting performance, which is ideal for an online news portal.

Seek A Robust News Portal Solution?

We help enhance digital presence for news agencies by developing customized news portal websites and applications.

Drupal News Portal Development Services To Transform Online News Distribution

We create custom news portal solutions that cater to the requirements of both the news publishers and end-readers. Our custom news portal website development using Drupal covers two areas; 1) Admin Panel, 2) User Panel.


Let’s look at the essential facets of some of our developed news portal website.

Admin Panel

The admin panel comprises the essential features that help to create a modern and professional news website.



Modules Of Admin Panel



Intuitive dashboards will provide an outlook of the system, including the number of active subscribers, total posts, advertisement revenue, and more.



Admin can create & modify menus as and when required. Moreover, they can select a page or category as a menu item and even can set a custom menu and URL.



Authorized users can add new posts with a live preview. Besides, they can view/modify/delete old posts published by them. The trash folder will help to restore deleted posts or to remove them permanently.



This section will help to manage the design and content of various web pages such as the home page, about us page, gallery, contact page, and more.


News Section

Category & Comments


Admin can add/modify categories and sub-categories. The comments section will further help to approve/reject/edit – user comments.



It will help add/manage media content to provide the readers with access to audio and visual elements across posts and pages.

Subscribers & Social Media


Admin can remove existing subscribers, add new ones, and can even download .csv file of the subscribers’ list. Drupal’s inbuilt social media tool helps to integrate the company’s social accounts with the website.



It will assist Admin to manage various sections of the web portal, including logo, footer section, contact details, email settings, sidebar display, and more. Besides, they can also set on/off value for the ‘Mode Rewrite’ module that assists in managing the URLs.

Apart from this, we also implement other features as a part of our Drupal news portal development focus. It includes reporting, payment management, third-party integration, live TV updates, polls & quiz, and more. Besides, we even provide mobile application development services as per the customer’s requirement.

User Panel

Contribute Section


The front end allows everyone to read the news published on the portal, while only the registered users can contribute to the website as per their interest.

Modules Of User Panel



Users can register or login with their valid contact details. It helps personalize their interaction with the portal.

Search & Filter


A search box helps the readers to locate particular news or topics. Further, they can also create a filter to read on specific interests such as politics, sports, business, and more.



The registered users can become contributors to this module. They can add news articles, assign relevant categories, add their short author bio, and related visual elements. The posts get routed to the editors for review and publishing.



The registered users can view/modify their unique user profile page, with their contact details, a list of their posts & comments, a bio section, and links to their social media profiles.



The paid-advertisement feature assists the registered users to promote their brand, products, or services on the news portal. They can even adjust the advertisement display section in pre-defined areas.



Our news portal website development using Drupal helps moderators with advice and support on their reader queries as well as even review the discussions.


Whether you are a journalist, a newspaper company, or a popular news channel, a tailor-made website is a need of the hour for you. It helps bridge the knowledge quotient for the people with what is going on in the current market. However, developing an appealing and professional news portal needs expertise and experience.


Rishabh Software delivers top-of-the-line news website development with Drupal along with the most recent technologies. Our custom online news portal solutions address the existing organization processes while accommodating their future requirements.