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Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Management System [CASE STUDY]

05 Dec 2014

Designing an eCommerce and supply chain management solution for a European retail organization operating globally through a multi-channel retail model.


Our eCommerce client wanted to implement a multi-vendor eCommerce software solution to streamline their operations and increase efficiency by eliminating manual processing. As an application development consultant and well-known Java development company, Rishabh’s team helped the client meet their specific business goals.


The client had multiple suppliers and needed an integrated eCommerce and retail vendor management solution to manage their existing supply chain and improve operational efficiency. The integrated solution simplified the order management process through eCommerce and automated product supply chain through vendor management.


  • To capture increasing demand for high value products at lower costs
  • Complex inventory and supply chain process
  • To forecast the demand of products for maintaining optimum level of inventory
  • Reduce high manual intervention for eCommerce transactions and vendor management


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Rishabh Software’s team developed an integrated solution using Java because of its technical flexibility and secure transaction layer. The solution was built using the Spring Web framework which is a well-designed web MVC framework. To simplify the payment management process, the custom integrated Java solution delivered a consistent transaction management interface to the enterprise that could scale up and down as per the needs of the operation – be it a local transaction or global transaction.


Ecommerce and Vendor Management Solution for Multi-Channel Retail Organizations

Business Benefits

  • Improved operational efficiency by eliminating manual processing
  • High cost savings by involving vendors directly in the product management process
  • Real-time access to the available inventory across all suppliers
  • Efficient tracking of stock levels with up-to-date automated stock replenishment functionality

Industry Segment

Retail, eCommerce, Supply Chain Management

Technology and Tools

  • J2EE
  • J2ME
  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate


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