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Municipal Court Case Management Software Modernization [Case Study]

16 Dec 2021

Emerging technologies like Automation are proving to be incredibly beneficial for a wide range of industries already. And, legal & justice system is no different when it comes to modern-day tech adoption. There’s always a need to be more effective while collaborating with internal and external parties, tracking and managing attorney caseloads, and recording appointments. Therefore, it is vital to replace outdated systems with centralized technology platforms that are robust, secure & offer smarter solutions. It would help streamline workflows & processes, enable effective collaboration among teams while improving the overall efficiency. For legal firms & justice departments, a case management system must offer structural flexibility as well as role-based user access. It must help ensure that the information is both retrievable and secure no matter where or when it is accessed.

Learn how Rishabh enabled a North America-based courts and justice office to modernize their legacy municipal court case management system. And, how this optimization exercise helped overcome multiple technical limitations while improving system performance and resulting in enhanced overall efficiency for associated teams.

Project Overview

A US-based technology company serving public sector organizations, like the municipal court office was in pursuit of an MS-technology proficient partner. The idea was to help them migrate their legacy infrastructure, from the existing monolithic Windows Form to a microservices enabled one. This would ensure easy management of critical workflows and automation of case management data (files, scheduler and more) across levels. Further, as part of their digital transformation strategy, they were even seeking modernization & upgrade of the system’s front-end to provide an intuitive experience to its users.

Team Rishabh helped re-engineer the legacy software empowering multiple departments to efficiently collaborate, manage the case task overload, track court calendars and have an on-demand reporting mechanism.


  • Inability to digitize paper-based documents
  • Higher turn-around time for managing high-volume admin tasks
  • Tracking inefficiency of court calendars for appropriate appointment scheduling and document reporting
  • Poor UI


Our experienced team considered microservices architecture to enable future scalability for the court administrative system.

It offers;

  • Access to key process templates & documentation, such as warrants, courtesy notices, subpoena tracking and more with a click of a button
  • Flexibility to set up new e-dockets in conjunction with calendar availability and case statuses
  • Maintaining consistent workflow and rule compliance for court dates, judgments, fines and more
Docket Report Dashboard of Municipal Court Case Management Software

The re-engineered municipal court management system offers a user-friendly interface that enables the justice department to manage everything ranging from citation to jury selection.

Municipal Court Management Software Modernization - Dashboard

It comprises of;

  • A dashboard that offers a complete view of financial information following fines, fees, and other costs as specified by the court office.
  • Easy search and retrieval of electronic case files, documents, notices and related media to reduce preparation time needed for cases
  • Streamlined judicial processes with increased visibility of case and judge scheduling
  • On-demand & custom report generation options for cases in multiple formats


  • 4x increase in system performance
  • 100% secure digital data management
  • 70% faster & accurate access & retrieval of information

Customer Profile

US-based software solution provider


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