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Custom iOS News App Development To Deliver Engaging User Experience [CASE STUDY]

10 Feb 2016

A custom iOS news app was developed for a US based client who aggregates & distributes information, to keep users informed about the latest news in North America, Europe & Asia. The mobile solution was built to increase user engagement through personalized delivery of digital content. The solution was developed using Swift, Core Data and PHP.


The delivery of information to users has changed in this digital age. The shift to accessing news digitally has happened due to the high adoption rates of social media platforms and the availability of a wide range of devices that access digital information. Today, individuals consume news content right from their mobile devices and tablets. The client wanted to build a customized news application to cater its global users and streamline content distribution. The solution needed to be scalable, intuitive and incorporate the latest UX patterns to improve user engagement.


  • Content delivery & publication
  • Search & archival of media
  • Lack of personalization, resulting in reduced engagement levels
  • No real-time updates about news of various categories like politics, economy, technology, sports, education, celebrity, movies, music and more


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Rishabh Software’s team developed the customized news application using Swift in iOS. The development focus was on delivering personalized content as per user preference by building custom algorithms. Apart from leveraging Apple’s Core Data, tailored search and social media integrations were made to increase user engagement. We developed a media content backend in PHP technology to aggregate news and simplify content delivery.


iOS News Aggregator App Development


For this custom app developed for iOS, additional features like caching, offline browsing, tracking of read/unread news, media save and notifying alerts were developed to streamline media broadcasting. The solution was built in a planned phase manner, starting with a “Proof of Concept” to test and validate market acceptance of the proposed concept to developing the final mobile app.

Business Benefits

  • User personalization with delivery of rich media content
  • Custom filters for faster search
  • Better user experience with minimalistic navigation structure
  • Clean & intuitive user interface

Industry Segment

Digital Enterprise

Customer Profile

A US based news aggregator, keeping its users informed about the latest news in North America, Europe & Asia through its online news portal.

Technology and Tools

  • Swift
  • PHP 5.x
  • Core Data
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery

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