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Online Construction Material Ordering System [Case Study]

07 Dec 2020

Unexpected material shortage can be a huge challenge in the construction industry. It results in waste of time and resources that lead to increased expenses and delivery delays. An online construction material order and delivery system serves as a one-stop platform for every requirement. Learn how we created value for an Australia-based client by enabling a seamless and collaborative platform at optimized cost and time.

Project Overview

Our client is an Australia-based trade delivery service provider for construction equipment. They wanted to provide a virtual marketplace to deliver supplies while increasing the on-site job performance and manage customer orders on-the-go.

Rishabh Software designed and developed a construction material ordering application for the client to manage orders from their end customers. Tradespeople, suppliers, or wholesalers can now order tools as per their needs. They can even get the materials delivered on-site.


  • No user-friendly solution to place the order on the go with current wholesaler and stores
  • No platform to display and promote products
  • Difficulty in calculating the charges for the order delivery
  • No correct order-tracking system for customers
  • Lack of flexible system for trades to add item and quantity

Our Solution

We took the iterative waterfall model approach to develop the application. It included the entire solution to manage the order and its on-site delivery.

The developed online building material ordering and delivery system helps technicians and site workers to place orders. It is after creating accounts with a few clicks from their preferred store. Users can check the complete details of current charges, their status and the history of previous orders.

Construction Material Ordering Web Application Development

Further, we even created an admin module. It would monitor and manage orders and customers. It displays total orders, registered customers, placed orders, in-transit orders, delivered orders & more.

Developing an Online Building Material Ordering System

Innovation-Led Benefits

  • Mobile-friendly web application
  • 63% faster and reliable on-demand deliveries
  • Real-time order tracking

Customer Profile

Australia-based trade delivery service provider

Technology Stack

  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • PHP7
  • Laravel
  • Mysql

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