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Cloud-Based Tutor Student Portal For Education Sector [Case Study]

21 Nov 2019

Developments in technology are revolutionizing the learning paradigms. Today, eLearning is a preferred choice for both students and teachers over the traditional classroom approach. As part of this, an interactive online student-tutor portal equips instructors with a flexible, secure, and cost-effective mode to impart knowledge. Besides, students can join courses anytime and anywhere at their convenience.


Learn how Rishabh Software helped a US-based education provider with a cloud-based digital solution to offer and impart impactful teaching sessions.

Online Tutorship Portal For Improved Learning Experience

Project Overview

Our customer’s existing learning platform had limited capabilities. They were seeking a reliable technology partner to improve and enhance their system’s functionalities. As part of the mandate, they wanted us to:

  1. Provide an efficient learning management system, which can track the course completion level and grade for each student.
  2. Develop an online tutoring portal that would combine the best of various systems, including:
    1. Learning Management
    2. Social Networking
    3. Student-Tutor Administration
    4. On-Demand Resources
    5. Virtual Collaboration Tools


  • Improve the scope for real-time collaboration with experts
  • Provide tools specific for knowledge transfer to information seekers
  • Implement an efficient system to track the academic progress of the student
  • Manage concurrent users without affecting system performance

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Our Solution

Our team divided the project into two phases.

Phase-1: Enhancement

Basis the received feedback from the 50,000+ concurrent users, we carried out various system enhancements. It was along with adding new features such as hosting virtual classes, assign tasks, instant communication with students, manage courses, provide material, and more. Besides, our development team resolved bugs in the existing system to make it an efficient learning platform.

Phase-2: Development

We used modern open-source technologies and tools to develop a robust online tutor portal with required modules, including:

  1. Role Management
  2. SMS Chat Integration
  3. Tutor Schedule via Google Calendar
  4. Inquiry Template Management


The developed solution empowers teachers to offer improved, interactive learning sessions to students.

Business Benefits

  • Deliver seamless user experience across devices
  • Monitor student progress through intuitive learning performance dashboards
  • Provide faster access to new courses & tutors
  • Enable teachers to analyze and improve tutoring quality as and when needed
  • Get a significant reduction in operating costs


To conclude, Rishabh Software enhanced the existing learning system of the customer and delivered the cloud-based tutoring solution within ten months. Today, their online tutor-student portal comprises over 2 million learning sessions that help educate 50,000+ students through 10000+ certified teachers.

Customer Profile

US-Based Education & Learning Provider

Technology and Tools

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