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Property Management Solution For Real Estate Industry

24 Dec 2019

Real estate is one of the fastest-growing verticals across the world. And, as part of the mix, property owners manage the massive volume of records, including property listing – for current and forthcoming ones, buyer information, and more. An all-encompassing real estate property management system helps them to get a 360° view of the business. It allows managing leads, accounts, contacts, lease contracts, and all other aspects of real estate operations in the best possible way.


Rishabh Software, as a real estate software development company, has proficiency in developing interactive, industry-leading real estate management systems. We focus on supporting the property managers offer a superior experience by streamlining their front office and automating their back-office business operations.

Online Real Estate Property Management Solution

Online Property Management System for Every Real Estate Business

Our technology stalwarts provide diverse solutions targeted to every residential and commercial property business needs. It includes powerful mobile applications, online property booking portals, tenant management systems, and more.

Essential Requirements of Online Property Management Solutions

We focus on two core profiles as part of our development focus: 1) Admin Profile, and 2) User Profile.


Toward that, let’s look at the core modules of our advanced property management solutions.

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Admin Panel

Real Estate Property Management System Admin Panel Module

You, as an admin, get full access to the system. You can manage the entire property lifecycle from this panel.


  • Property Management: It deals with the data on the real estate asset, including location, value, facilities, and owner details. As part of it, the admin user can execute a myriad of operations like add new projects, manage multiple properties, add location pictures, send notifications to users, modify payment options, and more.
  • User Management: Admin users can add & manage the information about the customers, property owners, and managers from here. Besides, with role-based access, the customers can quickly contact the property owner directly within the system.
  • Document Management: Our online property management system provides a unified view in a paperless environment. Here, security-based permissions enable users to upload documents for contracts and agreements, track versions, and use intelligent search functionality.
  • CRM: From lead generation to deal closure, one can manage every aspect of the customer relationship management. Lead management, deal management, e-marketing, and social media integration, and more are some of the core features of this module.
  • Account Management: It allows tracking the financial performance for the business and different users as well as commission management for the managers. Further, it helps calculate gross vs. net profits on a project-by-project basis for tax preparation.
  • Reporting: A smart analytics module of our property management portal and application enables the users to generate multi-dimensional reports and get a holistic view of their real estate business.

User Panel

Real Estate Property Management System User Panel Module

The user-side interface allows authorized clients, owners, and managers to search, buy, sell, rent, and manage the different properties.


  • My Profile: Our custom real estate property management system helps different users to manage data across fields, like contact information, unit owned by the specific buyer, property-related documents, and more.
  • Maintenance: The module allows users to raise online requests for various maintenance needs and tracking progress. Users can add photos and videos from their mobile devices directly along with other details. Further, they can even attach documents and assign tasks for action to relevant service providers.
  • Payment & Invoicing: Users can choose from a variety of options to pay for commercial or residential property and other facilities. It can turn into a game-changer for your business as it covers facets such as bulk tenant charges, debt collections, hold deposits, automated late-fees counter, and more with flexible, real-time reporting.
  • Lease Contracts: Our online real estate property management system offers automated tracking functionality to monitor the lease start and end dates. Further, users can analyze increment and decrement policies, contract renewal & termination rules, and communications throughout the module.


Apart from this, we integrate other modules as per the business requirements, including:

  1. Automated Utility Management
  2. Transaction Workflow Management
  3. E-Signature
  4. Stakeholder Management
  5. Campaign Monitor


The real estate sector is passing through a digital transformation. Therefore, a fast turn-around with a cost-efficient solution has a necessity for businesses in this domain. Rishabh Software builds modern property management solutions with advanced features, tools, and functions. Through that, we enable real estate businesses to provide top-class services to different types of user needs.

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Our end-to-end solutions enable real estate businesses to streamline operations and increase customer satisfaction