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Legacy Application Modernization On Cloud

05 Aug 2020

Amid the rapid change in user demands, organizations are on the lookout for new ways to scale up and get ahead of competitors. A popular and efficient approach to do just this is the reengineering of legacy systems in the cloud environment. Rishabh Software helps modernize legacy applications onto a modern infrastructure while preserving business value and increasing agility.

The move to a dynamic cloud environment has become critical than ever. CTOs and other IT leaders today rely on a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy to help their organizations ensure business continuity.

Application modernization to the cloud improves collaboration, flexibility by offering a consistent experience. Also, the adoption of any new technology helps overcome the challenges with the traditional infrastructure such as data security, integration & compliance, organizational agility & efficiency, and more. However, it requires an upfront investment on the right solution and resources to enable rapid development & deployment.

Modernization of applications and systems help bridge the gap between the service offering and customer expectations.

Application reengineering is an approach that ensures minimum customization by utilizing the existing system to address the business needs, as the next-gen architecture. It is an absolute requirement for modern-day organizations.

Rishabh Software leverages years of experience combined with superior knowledge of industry-leading & cloud-based platforms – such as MS Azure and Amazon AWS while catering to the business needs.

We help businesses like you with

  • Making them future-ready
  • Unlocking potential opportunities
  • Reducing outage risks and cutting related losses

Why Reengineering Legacy Software on Cloud is Essential

The legacy system affects business continuity and reliability. Apart from poor work-quality delivered in the end, it poses high maintenance costs and several other challenges. The re-architecting, re-platforming and re-hosting of legacy applications with cloud migration helps enhance the business functionality. It aligns the company initiatives with business objectives to maximize ROI.

Reengineering Legacy Software on Cloud - Performance & Revenue Stats

Ready To Move To Next-Gen Architecture?

We accelerate & automate re-engineering of your applications by using proprietary and partner platforms with minimal business disruption

Challenges & Their Solutions While Reengineering Legacy Systems

Though the benefits of application reengineering are clear, most IT leaders still get caught up while going for it. It is due to their struggle with mapping business & technological priorities.

Listed below are possible challenges, and how Rishabh can help address them while application migration to the cloud –

Challenge Solution
Missing out on technology’s full potential as well as multiple-vendor reliability Flexible cloud-based applications by minimizing the dependencies on multiple vendors and eliminate security risks with migration
Talent gaps and limited knowledge about the new system Our team of certified AWS and Azure developers provides detailed walkthrough and training to ensure you start on a high note
Addressing Migration Risks Early identification of potential risks, with a proactive approach using the right tools and frameworks
Supporting goals and objectives with the optimized approach Planned migration strategy helps align business requirements to deliver continuous value
Lack of supportive analytics with real-time monitoring Derive data-driven actionable insights from your legacy system with data mining and visualization  to assist business decision making
Budget constraints Alleviate the IT cost pressure through optimization of available funds & resources during the entire process

Achieve Consistent, Reliable Application Performance by Partnering with Rishabh

Our team of experienced cloud professionals works with organizations at every step of the migration journey. We enable a seamless transition from on-premise to cloud architecture for existing and legacy applications using top-tier technologies and tools.

Modernization of Legacy Application


Application modernization can uncover endless opportunities amid the surging demand for digitization across sectors. It is time for businesses to eliminate the dependency of outdated software and turn to software product engineering to futureproof their operations.

As a reliable cloud development company, Rishabh Software helps enterprises drive maximum value from app modernization and reengineering while moving to a modern, more reliable IT environment. Whether it is about support for legacy application migration to cloud or to build a new, cloud-based solution, we ensure you achieve a higher growth rate than ever.

Eliminate Modernization Risks

Rishabh Software builds and follows robust app modernization plan that covers the future roadmap, potential impact and projected business ROI by using the latest technologies and tools.