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SaaS-based HR Platform Modernization to Streamline HR Processes [Case Study]

13 Jun 2022

The human resource (HR) management function today is evolving into a more technology-based profession. Back in the day, a lot of time was invested in searching for ways to eliminate full-time employee hours spent on tedious manual tasks and re-shift the staff’s focus to driving more strategic initiatives. Though even with tech upgrades, HR practitioners often struggle with a single, seamless solution that can help optimize processes, reduce human error and even provide a holistic view of organizational processes. Therefore, modernizing the HR Service Management (HRSM) tool can help you avoid potential pitfalls, and with a huge plus to boot: a streamlined approach that not only allows HR staff to focus on more strategic tasks but also improves the employee experience and reaps benefits across the entire organization.

Learn how Rishabh helped a Europe-based management consulting company to modernize its existing HR system to streamline and automate service delivery, from onboarding to case management.

Project Overview

A French management consulting company was on the lookout for an experienced partner to modernize their HR portal into a flexible and scalable unified platform. It would help seamlessly process manage operations (about administrative tasks, onboarding, employee benefits, leaves, auto-generated reports & more) across the group companies, integration with third-party tools & data management.


  • No single & proper mechanism to manage company employee data – leaves, payroll, timesheets and more
  • Inaccurate/no proper solution for managing third-party data – vehicle fleet: tracking, refueling, invoicing
  • Legacy approaches to data & file management


Our team audited the in-house portals to first centralize the information and define the required configurable features with domain workflow. We proposed an employee-centric approach to designing enterprise service management components to develop guiding principles and crafting a design theme suitable for all IT applications. The Laraval framework offers a consistent user interface (UI) based on modern information architecture to support intuitive navigation features. The modernized SaaS-based human resource management system now acts as the one-stop solution for managing almost all HR-related activities, complete management of third parties, contracts, invoice reminders and more with an added advantage of theme customization for every group company & managing document storage at a central location.

Here’s the breakup of developed features of the central system;

HR Portal

  • Employee profile and document management
  • Team management and hierarchy view
  • Organizational announcements
  • Time and attendance tracking management
  • Payroll management
  • Automated in-app notifications to track employee activity
Saas-bases HR Portal Dashboard
HR Portal Vacation Management Dashboard

Third-Party Portal

  • Authorized Admin Panel
  • Invoice reminder management
  • Vehicle fleet & refuel management
  • Contract management

Data Management

  • Single location storage with dynamic folder structure for easy access with G- Suite drive provision
  • Integration of payroll report export with related data


  • 25% improvement in time efficiency
  • 100% availability of centralized and reliable data
  • 40% savings in hours spent by teams/departments per week

Customer Profile

A leading European technology company


Laravel, MySQL, Apache, Trello

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