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Social Media App Development To Meet Friends & Organize Events [Case Study]

05 Feb 2021

Smartphones have helped spark creativity in our lives by changing the role of communication. It is beyond managing work schedules and calendars. We’re referring to staying socially connected online especially during the age of social distancing. That’s why enterprises today are focusing on social networking app development to reduce the gap between in-person and online experience.

Learn how we supported one of our channel partners create an all-inclusive app. Through our social app development focus, we helped improve collaboration, encourage participation, and enable people to find new friends, do stuff they love & share service opportunities – all in one place!

Project Overview

A North America-based technology company wanted to turn their social media app development idea into a reality. The client needed a platform that could enable people to connect digitally, schedule physical meets and collaborate over community services.

Rishabh Software, an experienced mobile app development services company developed an engaging mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms. It enabled users to connect with like-minded people, send invites to friends with similar interests, organize events in real-time and promote community programs.


  • Strong competition in the market with large social media players
  • No analysis of user behavior and preferences to identify the correct, engaging form of screen and navigation
  • Management of massive user and event data without affecting app performance
  • Building brand awareness and customer loyalty by creating a roadmap to success


We first created comprehensive documentation with optimized business logic and rules. Our team followed the waterfall model for developing a social app to meet friends, manage events and mobilize people for positive change. It was targeted to both iOS and Android platforms.

The essential app components could do the following:

  • Organize stuff – Helps create events (services) and posts, share them with people while allowing them to join & perform activities in real life
  • Co-ordinate community service – Intelligent discovery engine helps find like-minded individuals and invite them to participate in community service collaboratively
  • Search & Network – Helps find the perfect match of buddies for a workout, study, hitchhiking and shared interests
Social Meeting App Development

Additionally, intuitive features like user profile verification, event scheduling & monitoring, geo-tagging-based search and user listing were also included in the social media application development approach.

Social Meetup App Development


  • A web-based chat feature allows users to communicate between users
  • Enables effective collaboration among users with the same hobby or interest
  • User-friendly app modules for easy organization and management of events
  • Seamless user experience across mobile devices leading to higher app engagement

Customer Profile

A North America-based Technology Company


  • Swift (Xcode)
  • Kotlin (Android Studio)
  • .NET (Visual Studio)

Want to Create an Engaging Social App?

If you have a brilliant social app development idea, Rishabh Software can help you monetize it with intuitive features!