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WordPress Maintenance And Support Services For A Digital Enterprise [Case Study]

04 Feb 2020

Many global enterprises today have multiple brands and websites that cater to varied customer needs. The end goal of every such website is to achieve business outcomes faster and more reliably. However, it becomes a challenge to manage enormous content across sites while keeping the data secure and safeguarded from hacking. Toward this, a robust CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress can help manage multiple websites efficiently with its ease of customization, feature-rich community, and faster deployment capabilities.


Learn how Rishabh Software helped a US-Based digital enterprise with WordPress maintenance and support services to manage their 25+ websites through an easy-to-use CMS.

Continuous WP Maintenance Service

Project Overview

Our enterprise customer acquires new companies as part of their progressive growth model. And, it leads them to manage multiple websites of different brands and products in domains like healthcare, insurance, education, and more for different regions.


Therefore, they were seeking a reliable technology partner who can provide PHP web development services for the effective management of the various site components. As part of the mandate, they wanted us to:

  1. Maintain and support all their websites hosted on different CMS platforms
  2. Manage multilingual site content comprehensively and securely, however, at optimal cost


  • Outdated hosting and development framework
  • Multiple domains with different languages
  • Lack of web monitoring & reporting
  • High probability of data theft & hacking
  • Migrating the website data without affecting SEO performance

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Our Solution

Migration and Hosting
Our team identified WordPress CMS as the best platform to manage all 25+ websites and used the cloud to host them. We leveraged its functionalities such as CDN, security, extensive web analytics, and more to migrate and maintain the data without any hiccups.


Following are additional WordPress website maintenance services where we engaged with the client:

  1. Developing WordPress Roadmap with Architecture and Design Consulting
  2. Large & Complex Data Migrations & Updates
  3. Code Review with 99% Bug-free Deployable Code
  4. Third-Party Integration & Collaboration
  5. Detailed Training to Manage Content Delivery Platform

Business Benefits

  • Easy management of multiple websites through a single CMS
  • Improved stability and security with 24/7 reliability
  • Quick upgrades to the website functionality through seamless WordPress site maintenance services
  • Smooth data migration while keeping SEO rankings intact
  • Detailed monitoring and reporting of site performance
  • Improved editorial experience with modern CMS features


To conclude, Rishabh Software worked as the WP maintenance service partner for the client. Our team successfully migrated all the websites onto the WordPress CMS with a fixed price model for further site maintenance & support. Today, the enterprise can handle variety and several websites efficiently while moving forward into the next phase of their business growth.

Customer Profile

US-Based Digital Enterprise Offering Services across Industries through 25+ Websites

Technology And Tools

  • WordPress Content Management System
  • PHP Programming Language

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