Why Choose Zen Cart for Your eCommerce Development

17 Oct. 2013 e-Commerce Development

Zen Cart® is a free, Open Source and user-friendly shopping cart application used by many retailers today. This ecommerce solution works seamlessly on popular web technologies, catering to various businesses and technical users like shop owners, designers, programmers and customers. This article explains the top shopping cart features that brick & mortar retailers can leverage while implementing Zen Cart® development for their online retail store.

Zen Cart Development

Many shopping cart solutions have a complex development infrastructure right from programming to analytics, but Zen Cart® focuses primarily on the requirements of merchants and shoppers. Not only is it open source but integrating Zen Cart® to a point of sale (POS) is extremely easy. The ecommerce application development makes the shopping experience for online consumers convenient, unlike other shopping carts that are more focused on their programming efficiency rather than being focused on the consumer’s requirements.

Features – Zen Cart® Shopping Cart

While there are various other shopping cart software’s available in the market, businesses tend to rely more on Zen Cart’s ecommerce solution, since it has proven competent when compared to many other paid shopping cart programs. It allows small to medium retail enterprises to peep into global platforms by providing an easier way through multiple currency and taxes transactions.

Zen Cart Online Store Screenshot

There are various features of Zen Cart that can be customized by developers to provide you with a great platform to grow your online business:

  • Keep your products/catalog easily updated – add, delete or modify products without HTML coding
  • Works on the popular combination of PHP and MySQL technologies
  • Easy installation – a program guides helps you easily through the setup process
  • Advanced templates available using style sheets & images
  • Built-in override protection system protects any PHP coding changes during upgrades
  • Merchandise Pricing options – single and multiple items can be put on sale
  • Put products on Sale by providing percentage-off, fixed amount off, new price, etc
  • Compliant with most payment merchants
  • Multiple shipping options – supports many carriers & postal services, options to hold for pickup, free delivery in an area
  • Customer access control – you can set up your shop to only allow customers access to pricing or pricing but not buying until after being authorized by an administrator. You can restrict them from browsing at all too, if desired
  • Search options allow you to search for products based on name, description, meta-tags, price, and more
  • Email can be sent via sendmail, smtp, or smtp-with-authorization
  • Coupons and gift certificates can be easily managed both by customers and administrators
  • PayPal™ IPN and many other popular merchant services supported
  • Scalable from small shops to larger shops with hundreds of thousands of products
  • Multiple language & Multiple currency support

Zen Cart Back-End Screenshot

With professional Zen Cart development services you can make the most out of this open source software. Competition is high in the online sector; a wrong move in satisfying your customers and you can push your business into heavy losses.

This is why we urge you to seek help from an experienced ecommerce development team who can guide you to select the best ecommerce solution for your business.

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