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Farming Equipment Hiring Platform Development [Case Study]

29 Apr 2022

With the increasing demand for farming machinery, it can be extremely difficult for equipment rental companies to keep up with mounting needs. What the industry requires is a custom farm machinery rental platform that ensures optimal management of agricultural equipment, booking requests, customers, downtime needs and more. Understand how we helped one such client to save hours of manual reporting each week & increase customer retention!

Project Overview

A NZ-based company was on the lookout for a technology partner who could assist with farm equipment rental marketplace platform development. As a web-based portal, the solution would act as a centralized hub for businesses & individuals to hire and rent farming equipment for an array of needs. Rishabh understood the requirement and built a robust platform for the exact needs of the customer.


  • Lack of visibility across booking requests
  • No insight into past & current orders
  • Tedious & manual processes
  • Lengthy rental cycles & inability to manage downtime


With the vision to build a unified platform that brought lenders & hirers together, Rishabh engaged in building a web-based platform that served as a marketplace for dealers, contractors & end customers (farmers) to list and hire farming products for an array of needs.

The platform listed products across trucks, hedge cutters, fertilizer screening machines, tractor mowers and more.

For smooth customer experience & better engagement, many useful features were incorporated during agricultural machinery rental platform development. For example, with the smart search filters, hirers can easily select a product based on their preferred vendor and book the product on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Also, customers can easily track their orders & related information, while the lender can stay in the know of bookings.

Product Listing Screen Of Developed Farming Equipment Hiring Portal
Requested Product Screen – Farm Machinery Rental Platform

Here’s a closer look at what more the tailored solution offers.

Key Features:

  • Online account management & tracking
  • Geo-location for product availability
  • Set price & factors for multi-day & single-day rentals
  • Returns and cancellation management
  • Third-party seller review

Payment gateway for product rentals


  • 100% automated equipment tracking process
  • Real-time visibility over rental activity & downtime
  • 40% increase in booking requests

Customer Profile

An NZ-based equipment rental company.


HTML, CSS, Angular, Laravel, PHP, MariaDB, MySQL, Google Place API, Drift

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