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Modernizing and Re-engineering a Mobile App for Hiring Freelancers by TV & Film Industry [Case Study]

04 May 2018

Freelancing in the TV and broadcasting industry is gaining popularity globally. With advanced technology minimizing the communication barrier, specialist teams with particular skills are functioning 24×7. However, the primary challenge faced by the TV & broadcasting industry is to build the right workforce and hire the right resources who can successfully execute the media projects. Our end client is a TV & Film company, who have an existing mobile app that is supposed to help them find the right talent and build a dependable team. This existing mobile app was lacking user experience among several features that would help improve the talent acquisition process.


Rishabh Software re-engineered the current iOS mobile app and provided modernization by including the required functions like the search for the best team for upcoming projects and connecting the right talent with the best opportunity in the industry.


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Staffing of professionals and freelancers in the TV & media industry is quite challenging. Typically, a broadcasting house makes 60 calls and gets six people onboard for a media project requiring ten people team. Our client had developed a mobile app to minimize the talent acquisition process, but they further wanted to enhance the existing application. The login process needed several changes, along with the implementation of instant hiring module to reduce recruitment time and efforts. After understanding the current workflow and application code structure, Rishabh Software created a structured plan to re-engineer the application and integrate the requested changes without hampering the existing functionality. We also modernized the app with in-app purchases following an auto-renew / subscription model to generate additional business revenue for the client.


  • Understanding the existing app functionality and remodeling without hindering the current functionality
  • Re-engineering the current user login workflow
  • Implementing keyword-based search for job & applicant
  • Modifying in-app messaging system
  • Optimizing the resource availability calendar
  • Adding in-app purchase – Auto subscription model


Rishabh Software’s team implemented the Rapid Application Development approach for client onboarding and delivering simplified user experience. The overall project plan consisted of modernizing the existing mobile app to an easy-to-use, minimalistic, and simplified app to process searching media jobs & hiring team members.
Our solution helped to:


  1. Simplify login process
  2. Switching the user profile from Employer to Crew
  3. Searching the job or crew based on the keywords
  4. Instant messaging for the hired team and employer
  5. Publishing job posts
  6. Instant Hiring the group without creating a job post
  7. Calendar Availability


We developed a proof of concept application, and after client’s approval, we re-engineered the existing mobile app.

Business Benefits

  • Streamlined hiring process for a large group of team
  • In-app Instant messaging functionality to communicate seamlessly
  • Easy to search jobs & crew members
  • Team calendar to manage operations efficiently
  • One-click job submission & applicant selection

Industry Segment

Television & Film

Customer Profile

US-based Television & Film company

Technology and Tools

  • iOS
  • RESTful API

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