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AWS Cloud Migration Checklist – Key Considerations

28 Oct 2021

A growing number of enterprises are moving their data and applications to the cloud while modernizing their existing IT infrastructure to address & prepare for future needs. You would agree the decision for cloud movement is a big one. It involves substantial organizational change and investment. And, no company would enter into cloud migration lightly.

If you’re also considering migration of your data and application from local data centers and servers to the cloud or planning to shift to another cloud platform (provided you’re already on the cloud), Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the best options to consider. It would enable enterprises like yours to modernize their IT assets with the latest in cloud-managed services over a secure, scalable, and affordable infrastructure.

If you don’t know where and how to start, then this post is for you! It will not only help you overcome the challenges of cloud migration but also help you unlock optimal business value quickly and efficiently.

So, let’s dive right in!

Why AWS Cloud Migration?

AWS offers several templates & tools for workflow optimization that enable enterprises to improve their IT management capabilities by up to 62% in comparison to the regular environment. Interestingly AWS enjoys a lion’s share in the cloud market.

AWS Cloud Migration Benefits

Let’s look at the key benefits that can help your enterprise to build a solid business case  to align with the global paradigm shift that’s already underway:

  • High flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • Scalability
  • Optimum performance
  • Highly secure environment
  • Reliability
  • Operational resilience
  • Feasible data storage
  • Reduced cost

You need a well-planned and meticulously designed strategy that will align with your business needs and goals. Also, the strategy you adopt should not only empower your teams but also support your management methods. Sounds like a lot of work, isn’t it?

Teaming up with an AWS cloud migration consulting partner like Rishabh Software can help you extract maximum value from cloud infrastructure while minimizing risk, cost and time.

Seek Help with AWS Cloud?

Our team has the proficiency to efficiently migrate your business apps cost-effectively with minimal downtime!

AWS Cloud Migration Checklist

Your app migration readiness would define items & priorities on the checklist. Based on our experience, moving smaller applications to AWS Cloud would usually take 1-2 months. Whereas it could take ~6 months and longer to migrate the first medium or large application. It would include factors like the number of workloads moved daily, the chosen approach, applicable compliance regulations, and the complexity of security.

Moving your existing business apps to the AWS Cloud works across stages,

AWS Cloud Migration Checklist

Before the Migration

During this stage, it is imperative to evaluate financial readiness, detailed scope & execution schedule. For this, you need to define the following:

Auditing IT infrastructure & assigning roles

  • Short- & long-term goals to be achieved from the migration
  • Resources for migrating data and apps
  • Teams responsible for every resource
  • The size of data centers, databases & apps
  • Timelines for each stage
  • Data backup tools
  • App dependencies & integrations

Creating migrations teams

  • Core team – to synchronize resources, build automation solutions, assess risks, and optimize backlogs
  • Migration team – to execute the move, automate low-complexity workflows and transfer apps

Assessing financial & technical readiness

  • Detailed analysis of the cost for migrating server, network, storage, and other relevant components in the targeted environment.
  • App’s architectures & data to be transferred first.
  • Possible security risks
  • Critical assets to be kept off the cloud

Finding the right technology partner

  • Relevant AWS migration case studies of successful transitions
  • A proven framework to mitigate risk, reduce cost & ensure data security
  • Agile methodology is driven by an industry-leading AWS tech stack
  • An experienced and proficient team to assist in hassle-free migration

During the Migration

Here you would review the tools & methodologies required to speed up and simplify the migration,

AWS migration tools

Some popular cloud data migration tools that can you leverage for a  seamless transition include:

  • AWS Application Discovery Service (360-degree assessment)
  • AWS Migration Acceleration Program (successfully execute migration)
  • AWS Management Portal for vCenter (migrate virtual machines)
  • AWS Server Migration Service (automate, schedule, and monitor)
  • AWS Database Migration Service (migrate database securely)
  • TSO Logic (determine the best-fit)
  • CloudEndure (rehost several machines)
  • AWS Migration Hub (track your progress)

Cloud storage operations

Storage options can be narrowed down based on

  • Cost
  • Accessibility
  • Response time
  • Reliability
  • Cache-ability
  • Update frequency
  • Consistency
  • Size of transferable items

AWS migration strategy

You can leverage the listed below tried-and-tested 7R framework to simplify and speed up your approach to migrate each of the applications in the portfolio.

  • Rehost – for business apps that can be moved without making any modifications
  • Retire – For legacy apps & tech stacks that are no longer serving the purpose
  • Relocate – Migrate vSphere-based applications to AWS cloud with no app changes
  • Retain – Imperative business apps that need major changes before the transition
  • Recover – Permanent apps that you can substitute with SaaS solutions
  • Replatform – Apps that need negligible optimization for improved efficiency
  • Rearchitect – A big-ticket strategy for apps that need feature enhancements with cloud-native functionality

AWS cloud migration steps

Forklift migration

  • A popular strategy that deals with considering all the apps in one go and moving them to the cloud.
  • Highly recommended for tightly coupled apps that are stateless and self-contained.
  • This approach not only accelerates your infrastructure handling time but also helps optimize resource allocation.

Hybrid migration

  • Allows businesses to integrate Office 365 with their existing directory services and on-premises exchange servers for efficient management of user accounts across environments.
  • Best suited for businesses with several apps where some are kept intact, and others are moved to the cloud.
  • This low-risk approach is time-consuming but if offers optimal results.

Review app migration options

Some widely popular & preferred app migration options are listed below;

  • Live migration – moving a running app from its existing physical setup to the cloud platform, without any disruption
  • App containerization – adopting an OS-level virtualization approach to deploy distributed business apps
  • Data migration – synchronizing business data stored in the machines with the cloud by taking the file format and storage type into consideration
  • VM conversion – converting virtual machine disk into a relevant format and transforming the business data using APIs

After the Migration

The task is not yet complete, post the migration exercise, here are few essential considerations;

Leveraging the full potential of cloud

If you want to reap the full benefits of moving to AWS cloud platform, it’s essential to understand AWS enterprise support and services like Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Amazon CloudFront, and auto-scaling.

Tracking & Optimizing

Some cloud monitoring tools that you can use for a hassle-free experience include AWS CloudWatch Logs, APPDYNAMICS, and New Relic. Examine, analyze, and track for more insights on load patterns for efficient management of the cloud environment.


Perform user acceptance testing to evaluate if the migration was successful. To avoid failure and save time and resources, you can consider working with an experienced AWS consulting partner who is well-versed with the best tools and techniques.

We at Rishabh are ready to help you derive optimal value faster from a cloud migration with talented resources & industry-leading technologies. Our 360-degree AWS cloud consulting services are tailored to help you maximize efficiency and optimize workloads. From conducting a thorough technology assessment to road-mapping the cloud platform, we enable you to overcome complex business challenges with proven AWS implementation strategies.

AWS Migration Cost

If you find that cloud migration is costing you higher than your on-premise data center, it’s because you’re comparing a single on-premise server with an AWS compute resource. Don’t make this mistake!

  • Comparing the memory sizing or processor of AWS with an on-premise server is like comparing an apple to an orange.
  • On-premise pricing is inclusive of workforce, electricity, labor, taxes, data center premises, heating, or cooling. But with AWS, all these expenses are already factored into the TCO.

So, when you consider the total cost, you’d be surprised to know how competitively priced AWS cloud is!

AWS Migration Use Case – Rishabh’s Experience

We recognize the fact that every cloud journey is unique. And so, as a cloud tech partner who already has that knowledge & experience, we help businesses overcome hassles, avoid unwanted costs, and maximize their ROI. Here’s how we create real value for our client:

Use Case – Cloud-Based Data Warehouse System

A US-based hospitality giant partnered with Rishabh Software to integrate its business data from different applications like Opera, Cognito forms, RMS, and more into a centralized cloud platform.

After a detailed business analysis, our team built a secure & robust data warehouse on AWS platform. This cloud-based solution collated data from disparate sources to enable efficient data management & visualization.

Results achieved:

  • 50% improvement in workflow efficiency
  • Data-driven decision making
  • 99% accuracy of business understanding available on-the-go

How We Can Help You Move to AWS & Maximize Benefits

Technology has become the biggest enabler for fast-growing, forward-thinking enterprises. And as a prominent technology partner for AWS migration services, we’re always on top of new tools, techniques, and technologies. Whether it’s your databases, mainframe systems, or legacy business apps, our team can get them onto the cloud platform quickly & efficiently. We can also ensure peak app performance with immersive UIs, seamless third-party integrations, backend app connections & APIs. Learn more about our AWS development services and the right fit strategies we develop that enable customers to experience the transformative power of the cloud in-line with their business goals.

Skyrocket Your Cloud Journey with AWS

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