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Guide to Power Virtual Agent to Boost Productivity with Intelligent Chatbots

Let us walk you through this informative guide to discover what Microsoft Power Virtual Agents are, how they work, their key features, and business use cases.

How Copilot in Power Platform is Empowering AI-Powered Low-Code Development

If you are too curious to explore Microsoft Power Platform Copilot, how it works, how you can use it, and how it will safeguard your sensitive business data, then explore this blog post to get answers to your questions with key considerations to help you get started.

Explore the Power Platform Capabilities: The Complete Guide for 2023

Just like the iconic Avengers possess unique superpowers, the Microsoft Power Platform harnesses the combined forces of Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Pages. As a pioneer in adopting the Microsoft Power Platform, Rishabh Software is fully-equipped to help you extract the maximum potential of these low-code tools to automate your operations, digitize workflows and deliver feature-rich apps – all with absolute ease.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Microsoft Power Pages to Build Secure External Websites

With its rich visual experience and advanced capabilities for customization with pro-dev extensibility, Power Pages allow you to build solutions that optimize business workflow with an external audience like customers, partners, and community members.

Low-Code Development to Build Enterprise-Ready Apps with Fastest Turn-Around Time

This informative piece of content will discuss the concept of low code application development, its importance, key principles, how it works, its benefits, challenges, how to select the right low code platform, and more. So, let’s get started!

Leverage Banking Bot Development to Improve Customer Experience

For financial institutions, chatbot development helps focus on improving the business processes and providing a better user experience to customers. This article will provide a walk-through on the essentials of developing a custom banking bot along with the key features & interesting use cases and how we can assist you.

Power BI Business Use Cases that Drive Optimum Results

When it comes to data, every organization accumulates a massive amount of unstructured data actively and passively every day. But gathering heaps of digital information isn’t yielding anything unless you can make sense of it and leverage it. This is where Microsoft’s Power BI comes into play.

Low-Code Application Development With Microsoft Power Apps

Low code is becoming the next big game-changer for software development that drives digital transformation. And, while there exist multiple low-code development platforms to serve this, Microsoft's Power Apps, a part of Power Platform Suite has emerged as the clear winner.

Customer Service Chatbot Development – Improve CSAT & CX

One of the most intuitive and intelligent tools that every modern-day business must consider for integration with their platforms is “bots.” Acting as the first point of contact a customer service chatbot can help consumers regarding any queries they might have. It offers an excellent way for businesses to reduce their support cost and accelerate resolution times while enhancing the CX!

Power Automate Benefits & Use Cases For Modern Businesses

It’s 2022 and automation of any business process today is not a matter of whether you should but when are you’re going about it. For any modern workplace that relies on automating repetitive tasks, it helps improve operational efficiency to reduce costs and get better ROI. This helps facilitate communication, collaboration, productivity and employee satisfaction...

Real World Power Platform Use Cases That Drive Impact

Digital transformation is a key imperative for continually growing organizations that are looking to leverage the power of data to drive success. And, to revitalize their IT operations, Microsoft Power Platform Suite is a phenomenal platform. It democratizes IT and drives accountability across all business units.

Why Adopt Robotic Process Automation for Business Growth?

Learn how RPA catalyzes digital transformation in today’s fast-paced digital economy and helps businesses align themselves effectively and remain competitive.